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By Dralach --- 2008-12-01 12:19: 18

Toys R' Us currently markets a game of the worst taste: Jesus Dress Up, conceived and manufactured by the author of a satanist Internet site. Information remains to be confirmed, because one does not find it on the Internet site of Toys R' Us. If that were checked, this skid would really not make honor with the event. Indeed, this range of plays is violently anti-Catholic: Jesus Dress up proposes to you to disguise Christ in cross with clothing Nazis, a bra, a Ku Klux Klan outfit or as Satan.

- Another play, Jesus Darts, the propos: to play darts on this same Christ posed on a target.

- Nun, Treasure hunt dressup is similar to Jesus Dress Up except with a nun. Other names are quite as eulogistic: Satan's Salvation, God Ate My Balls, unholy army. The author appears elsewhere on the site in the form Satan. One of its games also concerns Moslems, " Muhammad Dress Up," created to avenge September 11, he affirms.

The site clearly states: "Parental guidance is clearly not sufficient." I think of having written already too much, and I would be well to obstain from giving you the location of the site because it falls under the catagory of contemptible pornography for certain photographs. Erotic parties were organized around the topics suggested by this Internet site. It is unacceptable that a company like Toys R' Us markets such products for children. Let us hope that this business will see the light as soon as possible.

Addendum: The Beige Living room received the following communication.

"Will know that Toys R' Us is located in 34 countries and has never sold the product to which you made reference in any of our stores throughout the world. The Group Toys R' Us Inc. made an official denial on this subject. Moreover, after having inquired into this "toy," our contact in the United States found an Internet site on which a person admits to having introduced this item during a few minutes in the store in New York City, and this without the knowledge of Toys R' Us, with an obvious aim to harm our reputation. Once the article discovered by our teams, it immediately was withdrawn and preserved for the investigation to come. You will understand that we are strongly affected by the gesture of this person. The Legal department of our Group currently studies the legal remedy to implement and we're currently taking the necessary measures so that does not happen again."

Addendum of the 01/12/2008:
Toys R' Us condemns anti-christianism and any such actions and affirms that none of its stores sell such toys, that the company n' forever desired to propose. It engages in addition of the continuations against the producers of these toys. Since the beginning of this business, the contacts multiplied between Toys R' Us and which had protested with vehemence.


Since, many positive contacts took place between the AGRIF and Toys R' Us. Contacts during which we could note serious group and its categorical refusal to market or to make the promotion of anti-Christians or blasphematoires toys.


We can thus only thank Toys' R Us for its listening and its fast reaction against such a breach of liberty and expression.

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