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Wednesday, 22 of October of 2008
Toys `R' U.S. Spain, victim of the hoax of the toy that disguises Jesus Christ as Hitler or a demon that already shocked to the USA in 2004
The chain of Toys-R-Us. Spain has been victim during the last weeks of a boycott campaign by the supposed sale of an offensive toy for the Christianity. Everything was based on hoax that began in Internet. The company/signature never sold that toy.

Already for several weeks the hoax has been circulating around Internet. This means have received even requests of its readers so that from that was denounced upsetting to the Christian values.

Everything begins when a Spanish family travels to New York. Taking a walk by the New York place of Times Square, the family decides to enter the store of Toys-R-Us to buy gifts to her children and nephews.

She was inside the store when the family father found a toy that consisted of a magnetic figure of Jesus Christ to whom it was possible to be disguised of Hitler, simio, rocker, demon or woman.

The parents, before their surprise and already from return to Spain, decide to put themselves in contact with the toy company in the United States. Initially they say to them that must sell all type of articles, and later that Toys-R-Us has never sold this article and that everything can be a poisoning campaign.

The Confidential Digitalis has been able to verify the existence of the family who denounces the facts, as well as the authenticity of its testimony.

The version from the company is that a person deliberately placed this product in a bookcase to damage the chain. Some average Spaniards echoed this news. The information anywhere in the world untied to a campaign of boycott the toy giant under the motto "you do not buy in Toys-R-Us."

An official spokesman of Toys-R-Us in Spain, consulted by ECD, has assured that this product never has been sold in no of the 42 stores of the chain in Spain, nor in no other, confirms.

The Confidential Digitalis has verified that the toy exists, was created in the year 2000, that untied a controversy in 2004 in the United States and that never was in the catalogue of Toys-R-Us.

The origin of the toy? In the year 2000, a New York comedian called Bob Smith created a denominated product Jesus Dress Up the same that describes lines more above. He began to commercialize itself in Internet at the cost of 15 dollars.

At that time, instructions next to the product were included: One, colocalo in your refrigerator or car. Two, vistelo as you want. Three, say so that God has sense of humor .

A time later, the chain of sale of souvenirs and clothes Urban Outfitters includes in its catalogue controversial toy for adults. This new channel of distribution causes that the article jumps in 2004 to the public opinion and begins a duro debates between defenders and detractors of Jesus Dress Up.

The creator of the controversy, Bob Smith, even arrives to be invited by chain NBC to present his point of view. In an interview, the creator of "toy" assures that he does not create that is nothing bad in a religious satire, and I in the same way make the money that Mel Gibson with his Passion .

In a step to obtain public notoriety more, agreeing with the subject of the published cartoons of Mahoma in a Danish newspaper, Bob Smith includes in its catalogue a version of Jesus Dress Up, but with the prophet of the Islam like protagonist, and a version for Internet was even included.

In the vestibule created by this independent graphical artist Bob is defined to itself Smith is a reference to the points of sale of these products. Among them, Toys-R-Us nor no other store of toys. It sees next images of the toy at issue that brought about the campaign of boycott to Toys-R-Us in Spain:

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