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Toys ' R' U.S.: History of an unwarranted boycott
The creator of Jesus Christ magnets, Bob Smith, recounts how he was in Toys R' Us of New York the same day that Spaniards visited the store.

* Toys R U.S., victim of an unwarranted boycott

"I've always been more than just a little annoyed that Toys R Us won't carry my magnets. I know they'd be a terrific seller. Then this morning I was thinking "Hey! Why don't I go down there and show them how popular they'd be?!" Thus the testimony of Bob begins Smith, the creator of "toy" denominated `Jesus Dress Up'. An offensive product to the Christian faith that, by a misunderstanding, has untied a campaign of boycott against Toys `R' Us in Spain.

A Spanish father and family, on a trip in New York, found the product in the store in Times Square on the 9th of September. Upon his return to Spain he decided to put himself in contact with Toys-R-Us Inc and the head of the great toy chain in the United States to hear their explanation. The answer that he received was nothing but friendly: "We sell all types of products" , assured a spokesman to this father's family.

This father denounced on the Internet the attitude of Toys `R' Us, spreading his experience and going to present it by any means and institutions. As a result of, some internauts initiated a boycott campaign - as emails defined, against the toy chain.

The official version of Toys `R' U.S. - offered weeks later, and questioned by many, is that some individual operated on his own in the store and placed each product at different points. ECD has been able to confirm this version thanks to the testimony that `Bob Smith' posted on a page of his personal Web site.

One of the images with which Smith illustrates their testimony

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-Original article, Spain-

A continuation offer describes the history of events that Smith tells of how he managed to place this product in the toy store; Toys R Us in Times Square (New York) September 9th of 2008 - the same day that this of Spanish father and family visited the store:

--" So I gathered up a pile and headed for the Toys R Us in Times Square... All the employees looked really busy, so I thought it best to just stock the shelves myself and show 'em how perfect it'd be.... It wasn't long until I found a good spot in the Games section right next to Twister! But after standing back a ways I realized that next to Barbie's Castle... It was just a matter of seconds before people were going up to see the new special game Toys R Us was featuring center stage of their showroom!... So there. What more proof do you need?"

This father of a Spanish family was assured by the ECD that Toys `R' Us would be put in contact with him some days ago to communicate the finding to him and this testimony about the test that it was Bob Smith who inserted them into the store - the same day the toys that he would later see exposed.

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