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Boycott Toys R Us
Collaboration of Luisa Elena, Tenerife Spain

The American toy company "Toys R Us" whose web page in Spain is: sells this highly offensive toy for all those of Christian denomination: MAGNETIC JESUS DRESS UP! It is to amuse oneself by disguising and ridiculing Jesus Christ with all types of disguises.

As you will be able to conclude/understand we want to arm a crusade to show their management that they cannot make fun of the Church of Christ and its members when disguising Jesus Christ as Hitler, of flamenco dancer, a Teletubbie, Ku Klux Klan, Bin Laden, a prisoner, gorila etc...

They have been contacted already with the director in the United States and also with the one in Spain, and the answer at the moment, has been to shield itself saying they must offer all type of articles in response to the demands of a global market, later to say that they have been a victim of a wrongful boycott (false, because the product was perfectly identified with bar code and price).

We are making a chain of friendly mails to indicate our complaint to the director of Toys R Us in Spain and to announce that we will not return to buy in its stores until they rectify its action and retire the toy (it appears to me that some parents will not ever return to buy).

If you wish for moreextensive information send your email to:

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-Original article, Spain-

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