ust in case you haven't realized it yet, I don't play by YOUR rules or anyone else's! No one's! You hear me? None. End of discussion. Period. I play by punk rules! Why? Because punk rules!

Okay okay, I know that I'm goin' out on a limb here but I do receive a lot of fan letters from punk rockers (whether they describe themselves that way or not), and I am more proud of these emails than most. I know that I'm doing something right when I'm getting acknowledged by the one's whom I once wanted to be one of. Hey, fuck you, I got props from Captain Sensible from The Damned himself so I can do what I want!

Anyway, here's some emails and images sent to me by people who like much of the same music as me.

Hello Bob, I enjoyed your review of Suburbia. I have written a book called Coloring Outside The Lines, which is the true story of my experiences with The Connected (TC), who were the kids that Penelope based her movie on (some of the TC were also in the film).

Anyway, if you would like a copy of the book, I'd be pleased to send it to you. It's also being optioned, so you may have another punk movie to critique!

Take it easy,
Aimee Cooper

Hello Aimee!

Today I finished your book and I just loved it! I loved it so much. I closed the book and I only wanted more. I am curious if any of your friends in the book have read it. I love the direct and honest approach you took in telling your story. You've inspired me to write the first chapter of my own book. Something I've been asked to do but hadn't found the inspiration until now.

After reading it I am also very flattered that you contacted me. Quite honestly, after reading the book I wanted to meet you. I was thoroughly fascinated by all of the stories and my heart warmed over each moment where you recalled the loyalty between the punks.

Thank you for sending me the book.
Bob .

Hi Bob! I'm so glad you enjoyed my book.

Several of the TC have read the book, and the response has been very supportive. Maggie was a great help. Did I mention that the book's been optioned? With any luck, there may be another punk movie in the future - should be fun!

Take it easy,

Hi there
Well, I can see youre a man after me own heart and no mistake... love the site - it needs to be said. I should know - they tried real hard to turn me into a catholic.

I play in a punk band called the Damned who tour the states occasionally and have just recorded a record for Nitro (of LA). This will come out on Aug21st i believe and contains a song you might be interested in called Amen... which kicks the churches arses good and proper.

The Damned website is located at officialdamned.com - would you mind if we linked to your dress up jesus page? I think our audience might like that!

Cheers for now -
Capn S.

Subject: my little piece of fanmail

Hey, I just wanted to say that all of my friends and myself appreciate what your doing and to keep up the good work. I included a picture of us that you might find funny I'm the one on the right who looks fat and pregnant from the way I'm standing.

Steve Huntsman

I love your site. The entire thing just cracks me the fuck up.

Though I am religious (Wiccan, to be exact), I think it's hilarious. People just need to lighten up. And I love your artwork. You have some real talent.

The reason I'm writing is that I was playing with your Unholy Army of Catholic Girls Dress-Up, and tinkered around to make a cartoon of me. I'd like to put it up on my site, but I thoughy it only right to ask first. So:
Pretty fucking please, let me put it up! Rock on, kid. -Rix

Well this is just a little note to tell you once again how amazing you are.

I was playing around on your site today and i decided to take a peek at your portfolio and i was blown away. I really like your Alice in Wonderland type drawings, especially the Tom Waites cat. The Lewis Caroll portrait was also great!

Wow! It made me happy to see those drawings, I love Alice's adventures and anything to do with them... Also, The drawings of Winona and Tom Waites were awesome. My favorite out of all was the Elvira and Pee-wee drawing. It's AWESOME!!!!

I've never seen two of my favorite people (especially those two) depicted so well. Mr. X made me want to cry (i'm not joking), especially when his fish died...It made me think of when jesus (my fish) died... Well, I think I'm babbling now so I'll stop. Your drawings are wonderful! I Enjoy them VERY VERY much.

- love nads

I just wanted to email you and say that you are great, and I wish I could kiss you :)

Did you do the Creatures of Neptune cartoons? Those are great! I really like the Bobo character, the drawing for that one is wonderful.

Well here is the picture with my chopped off hair. I hope you like it. And oh by the way... you have to be the coolest guy EVER in exsistence and I so want to come make out with you. You are just too dreamy for your own good! I just can't get you out of my mind!

Anna Hinsverk

Subject: Punx W/ Jesus for Ransom

Yo, g honky. Love the site! Fucking funniest shit I've seen online I think.

Me and my girlfriend have procured a baby Jesus from a manger scene and were wondering.... how much do you think his life would be worth to your adversaries?

We stole it last Christmas. We beat the shit out of him with a bat for Good Friday cause Jesus just had to die.

Droog and Boots
(I'm Droog)

This is my friend Finger. She really likes the new Punx 4 Bob page! She'd love it if all you cute punk boys would go to her site & email her your pictures.

I shaved Finger's head for her. She convinced me to get my tattoos. We're punks that use cooperation. She took these pictures of me because she's badass and thinks I'm badass.


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