I know that some of you out there just hate punk rockers. I get emails all the time saying shit like: "Why do you align yourself with the punk rock movement?" and "I like everything about your site except for your supporting of punkers. They suck, and they're posers and they don't do shit! Fuck yoooouuuu!"

I just relate to punk best. It stands for all the things I believe in, and when I'm gaging my actions I always grade myself on the Johnny Rotten curve. WWJRD?

Appriciate this new page of Punk Mail.

This following letter did not include a picture of the sender... but I did some extensive research and dug this picture out of a well respected "Authentic Punk" archive.

Dear Bob

Your website is very funny (and so are you) but it might turn out your ideas will lead to unhappiness in the long run. I am in 12-step recovery myself and I really feel good finally after all these years of rebelliousness.

Susan Potter

Oh my god! There's a 12 step program for people addicted to rebelling? What the fuck is this world coming to?

I've got to know, is one of the steps apologizing to Jesus? That'd be awesome if it were!

Susan, I am going to go way out on a limb and take a guess that your addiction to "rebelling" also included alcohol, drugs, gambling, criminal behavior and/or perhaps even habitual lying. Am I right? Did I nail a couple of those? You see Susan, if I did then that wasn't rebelling that you were addicted to, that was unhealthy, self destructive stupidity you were addicted to.

In my book, "rebelling" means doing what you believe in your heart is right despite the fact that it goes against what others around you are doing or telling you to do.

I think it'd be great if step 12 was you having to say this proverb in your best zombie voice: "I Susan Potter have been cured of my rebelliousness and shall now and forever more be compliant."

That'd be really funny too.

Bob, you are one hell of a kick ass creation.. even more kick ass than big G himself.

I have to say that I totally think that you are rocking the casbah by spreading the blasphemy, and one talented and creative little fuck too. For my sanity, and the sanity of others, please keep on given'r one ten...

Hi bob, im a new visitor to your site. And just thought I would give you some of my thoughts.

As a young girl i was catholic. i was unwillingly baptized as a baby. church was such a chore to get up every Sunday and tromp off to. and being catholic and all you have to do communion and all that great stuff, well i started to rebel while in communion class and the son of a bitch teacher took my

Barbie. i got outta my chair grabbed my Barbie and ran out. that was the last time i ever went to a catholic church. i sit and look at all this religious bullshit. people so blindly follow what they are told.

i don't understand how Christians can be so against occults when they themselves are an occult. i guess what im trying to say is that we need someone to question, and you do a very effective job at that. and as for some of your art. you would have something so obviously stating that you feel lonely. and what people would say back to you makes me just want to smack them upside the head and say "no fucking duh dipshit"

i guess in conclusion im trying to say that people are morons. and really don't have a lot of reason behind what they do and say. and your hate mail is proof of that. they so egarly defend something they cant even explain thoroughly. Human beings make me sick, to go somewhere and just for an image. i don't go to punkshows because i want a punk image. i go because i like the music, and that's not the case for a lot of Christians. they go because its what they were taught to do, and they only go to keep up that image when in reality all they want to do is disaffiliate themselves with everything. you should never be afraid to question anything. even religion

Your site. yea its rockin my cock. your art. is amazing. Your humor outrageously funny. and your get a thumbs up for being a cool kid. love diary. tragic hilarious and great to read. I remember thumbs up 7 up too. and I only wish I could express my thoughts as thoroughly as you do.

fuckin with society is a hard job. but we appreciate you keepin up the good work.
from a lame punk rocker fan
jacki O
Toxxic Shock

Hey man,

This is Amber from Toxxic Shock Syndrome (new band formed with your bud Jacki) and she told me to look at the site, so I thought I'd send you an e-mail and some pix! Btw: your website rocks my socks.

Oh, and get the pretty boys to send me emails too ;D haha!
- Amber -

Hi Bob, I wanted to congratulate you for being so fucking hilarious. I think what you're doing is incredible, I really am against religion; and your site seems to provide me with a laugh anytime I feel like shit, and all the times when im not haha. I personally think that you should receive far more fanmail than you do. Even if people dont despise religion, and in fact favor it, they should still enjoy a laugh at themselves and their faith every once and a while. I'd like to be a punk for bob, ahaha so I attached a picture of myself.

Keep doing what you're doing.
Kayla Dawson
[the real Jesus of Nazareth]

Dear Bob,

I must say I am in awe of your site as are many of the people I know. The design and message is an awesome one. The hell with religion. I have been an atheist since I was 12 years old. You see Bob, I caught my grandfather(who is an ordained minister) cheating on his wife of 45 years with a member of his congregation. So much for that whole till death do us part thing huh?

And especially since those vows are made before "God" and the church. He sat there at the altar and preached lies and bullshit up until that moment. Now in his old age and since he has retired I have found more and more about him that screams hypocrisy at his religious views (He is a "devout" Baptist).

One night recently we all went out for dinner and upon hearing that I had a girlfriend coming up from out of town to stay with me for a few days, he proceeded to ask me whether I had quote "Nailed it yet?". Now, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it against some great religious rule to have pre-marital sex? That night he also told me about his times in whore houses while he was in the military. He went to the Phillipines during WWII on a navy vessel. One of his stories about said whore houses was about how the girls there used to pick up half dollars with the lips of their vaginas. Well, one night it seems he and his friends were off-ship on weekend leave or some such thing and very drunk. They went to the whore house and put a half dollar on the edge of a table for a girl to try and pick it up. But, the sick part about this is that my grandfather heated the quarter with his lighter before the girl picked it up. Wow......that golden rule is just right out the window there ! huh?

I support you Bob in your bashing of Christianity! I was lied to Bob and I am very angry about this.

Now, as for my other grandfather(also a minister. Methodist this time) he was put in jail for boot legging alcohol many ,many years ago and has since been charged with possession of illegal substances such as marijuana and cocaine.

On another note, Bob, I love your site. The Jesus Dress-Up is by far the best Dress-Up game out there. And there are SO many choices now! And the Hate Mail section!!!!! Bob, if I were gay Iıd kiss you for some of the things youıve said in response to these brainwashed dogma drivel-spewing morons! But since Iım not, how about I just stare at the Super Chicks section of your site? Damn man, if only I could get girls like that to look my way! I am hella envious!

Well, I suppose thatıs it but keep up the good work man!
Robby Rejected
18 years old
P.s. if you haven't already heard it, check out the song "Atheist Anthem". I believe it's by Leftover Crack

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