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Episodes 1-9: Establishing the premise.
When I first started Satan's Salvation back in February 2002 the title meant just that; Satan praying to Jesus for salvation. All of the comic after this is the prequel... I suppose.

Episodes 10-14: Introducing Satan & Jesus.
Satan starts it all off pondering what it is he could contribute to my web site. Jesus quickly steps in to judge everyone.
Episodes 17-18: Douchebagsayswhat?
Satan asks Jesus the important questions.
Jesus says "What?"

Episodes 20-22: Jesus' little prank.
There's nothin' like havin' "JESUS LOVES ME" scrawled across your chest... especially if you're Satan!

Episodes 23-27: Satan introduces Jesus to Hell.
Does Jesus love the damned? That question and many others are answered in this episode of Satan's Salvation.

Episode 28
Madcap antics ensue when Satan induces a heart attack on Jesus with his Chester puppet show!

Episodes 30-31: Jesus Resurrects.
A fatal heart-attack ain't gonna keep Jesus down.
Episodes 33-35: Satan makes Jesus cry... again.
When Satan informs Jesus of the fridge magnets Bobby made, Jesus cries, and this makes Satan happy.
Episodes 36-38: Erasing Jesus.
Jesus shows His true colors when He pleads for mercy as Normal Bob erases Him from existence.
Episode 40: Jesus resurrects again.
Even when erased from existence Jesus finds a way to come back... with a little help from God.

Episodes 42-47: Hell hates Jesus.
It's unanimous, the folks in hell hate Jesus. And when Jesus tries to convince everybody that He's suffered more than them, no one cares.

Episodes 48-50: Satan and gay sex.
Episodes 53-56: Jesus gets a bloody nose.
Jesus fights His hardest battle against a bloody nose, then, as always, returns to God for a "miraculous" healing.
Episodes 58-62: 2nd coming? No.
Jesus Christ threatens His Second Coming if Normal Bob doesn't repent. Things don't always go as planned.
Episodes 63-64:
Satan Dress Up!

Satan is reduced to tears when he discovers Satan Dress Up, by Normal Bob. Who does he have to turn to now?

Episodes 65-71: I did it for the girls.
In a tell-all episode of Satan's Salvation it is revealed that Normal Bob sold his soul for the babes. Was it worth it?
Episodes 75-77: Satan stumps Jesus.
All it takes is the mere mention of dinosaurs to send Jesus into the pits of melancholy, "far beyond any earthly definitions of sadness."
Episodes 78-82: Jesus' hand analogy.
Jesus Christ invents a neat hand analogy to explain the Bible better. God isn't impressed... but Satan is!
Episodes 84-87: Jesus asks "why?"
Jesus asks Normal Bob the tough question. One that he may not be able to answer. Let's see...
Episode 88-92: Is Jesus gay?!?!
Jesus accidentally comes out of the closet when He tries to show Normal Bob how much He loves him.
Episodes 93-94: That hideous banana peal.
That goddamn thing just won't go away! Jesus slips again on the troublesome banana peal and seriously bites the dust! What a loser Jesus is.
Episode 95: Jesus resurrects a 3rd time.
This time Jesus resurrects after getting his nose bone jammed into his brain. Just goes to show that nothing will stop Jesus.
Episodes 96-99: Bitch dog in heat.
Things start to get ugly when Normal Bob agrees to accept Jesus into his heart if the Savior barks like a "bitch dog in heat."


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