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Episode 100!
Things go over the top when Jesus gets on all fours and gives Satan a present he won't soon forget.

Episodes 103-105: Superman has a question.
Jesus is caught off guard when Superman (of all people) crashes the comic with a question for Jesus Christ.
Episodes 107-109: Introducing Peter Pan!
Jesus is appalled when Normal Bob compares him to Peter Pan.

Episodes 110-113
The Holy Trinity:

The most powerful force in the whole entire universe.

Episodes 114-116: Holy Spirit blasphemy.
Satan discovers that blaspheming the Holy Spirit is all it takes to turn heaven upside-down!
Episodes 117-119: Jesus sabotages the comic.
When the Holy Spirit blasphemy gets out of hand Jesus sees no other option but to sabotage the comic.
Episodes 120-122: Santa eats Jesus.
Jesus resurrects a 4th time after being consumed orally by Santa Claus.
Episodes 123-127: Santa eats Jesus... again.
Santa devours Jesus yet again, only this time the price he pays will be more than just heartburn.
Episode 129: Jesus Resurrects a 5th time.
Much to everyone's surprise the Messiah resurrects yet again, and He's super pissed!
Episodes 132-133: Jesus loves EVERYONE?
Can it be true that Jesus loves everyone? In these episodes Jesus' "love" gets put to the test.
Episodes 134-136: Jesus vanishes!
Jesus just up and disappears into thin air! Where did Jesus go?
Episode 137: Jesus picks His nose
Jesus Christ picking His nose.

Episode 138
Satan Daydreams.

When Satan is alone with his thoughts, in what does he seek his solace?

Episodes 138.5: Jesus Daydreams.
In this amazing lost episode we are given a rare glimpse into the thoughts of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of planet earth.
Episodes 139-142: Jesus wants out.
Jesus no longer feels like He's being presented in a favorable light, so now he wants out of the comic.
Episodes 143-145: Puppet Show from Hell.
Satan puts on a little puppet show that pulls Jesus into the ultimate face-off of the century! Who will be victorious?
Episodes 148-150: Jesus almost loses an Eye.
Jesus gets poked in the eye when Bob's hand slips and Satan mocks the Savior's stupidness to no end.
Episodes 151-154: Satan's Vigilante Ninjas
Satan hypothesizes the rescue of Jesus from His crucifixion, while Jesus tries to explain why that's a bad thing.
Episodes 156-158: Jesus Jealous of Mohammed
Jesus is jealous of Mohammed because Mohammed gets more respect... and he was just a prophet! Loser.
Episodes 161-162: Jesus Hates Science
Jesus makes no secret of His dislike and distrust of science and the crazies who call themselves "Scientists."
Episodes 165-170: Snakes had feet?
Did snakes once walk on legs and feet? Can animals sin? Does Jesus have a clue? These and many other questions answered!
Episodes 171-173: Jesus condoned Slavery?
Jesus makes it quite clear where He stands on the issue of slavery and the blacks.

- 181
Jesus gets Crucified.
Spending some time with the crucified Jesus.

Episodes 182: Jesus Resurrects a 6th time.
As everyone predicted, Jesus rises from the dead and starts yappin'.
Episodes 186-190: Jesus Tweaks Bible
Jesus begins rewriting the Bible without any help from Satan at all!
Episodes 191-195: Bob Vents
Bob vents some frustrations with his ex through Jesus. Let it all out Bob. The nightmare's over.
Episodes 198-200: Is this the End?
Jesus and Satan argue themselves right out of existence! Are they done for?


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