God's promise that ANYTHING is possible through the power of prayer (Luke18:27) should've been our first clue that this is what we should be doing. No one is exempt from God's mercy and forgiveness! How did we miss this one?!

Perhaps it is the only prayer that God has been waiting for so that He can give us the ultimate showing of His mercy and forgiveness. The saving of Satan's soul!

So I beg you to join me in this prayer and ask God for these 4 things:

*Pray that God will let bygones be bygones and put this eternal feud to rest for the good of mankind.

*Pray that Satan sees the error of his ways, acknowledges his wrongdoing and asks for forgiveness.

*Pray that Satan uses his powers to spread the word of God and help others to believe in God's powers of hope and forgiveness.

*And finally, pray that Satan himself asks the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart.

Can you imagine the world that we could make for our children (and our children's children)? A world where Satan and God together use their powers for good. A world where the old Satan-bigoted Christian belief is forgotten and a New Christian Faith begins, with more love, compassion and acceptance of absolutely EVERYONE... including the Prince Of All Darkness. The generations of the 3rd millennium will recognize the face of Satan as the ultimate repentance and the limitless mercy of The Almighty God.

There would be nothing more beautiful than the image of Christ and Satan on either side of God's Throne, all working through the Holy Spirit to save EVERY soul!

This is what I pray for, and I ask that you would too.

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