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Recently I received this letter and I would like to address it.

To whom it may concern:

Hi there! I found a link to your site in a forum that I moderate. It's brought about a great deal of discussion.
Basically, one member of our forum is insinuating that you have no respect for human life. I would like to ask you directly, how do you feel about human life?
Thanks for your time,

Irina Wolff

First of all, the "debate" on me (Normal Bob Smith) that you sent was hardly a debate at all. It was more of a "Why did you post it, of course I'm gonna look, I think girls kick ass!" chatter fest. I was truly hoping to read an in depth debate over religion, blaspheme and me.

I want my feelings for human life to be crystal clear.
I love people. I need people and human life is to be valued more than anything else that I can think of.

I purposely moved to the middle of a big city so that I could be surrounded by a tremendous variety of people all the time. It is this love for people that has inspired me to entertain, illustrate, and maybe spark some amount of debate.

I am merely revealing my views and backing them up with extremely valid evidence and experience.

I would like to know specifically what inspired the idea that I have no respect for human life. Just because I don't believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah, doesn't mean that I have no respect for human life.

Here is a series of emails that raised the same question in my head. Do these people even care about human life. Debate your asses off about this query if you can.

PS. If I hated the human race, I'd be living the loner life style, preaching damnation to a sick and twisted world in the name of God (my only companion) with the mind-set of a terrorist high jacking a passenger jet.

You are a fuckwit.

Cornelius Feather


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Annette Veer


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Kevin Flynn


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L. Spires


Don't get me wrong. I love these emails!
Keep 'em coming!

by site moderator Irina Wolf
AKA. Musey (the Brat)

Not for easily offended christians
everyone else who WON'T bitch about it, go to this



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Me1:Should I click there? I'm an easily offended Christian, but I'm curious.
Me2:Come on, click it!! Just a peek!!
Me1:But what if it's something that makes me go all psycho Christian like I did in the old forum?
Me2:You can yell at me, then!! Don't take it out on bio!! Me1:
Alright, I'll freaking click it!!
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I'm not going to comment about the countless people who have obviously been offended by this so far, because I in absolutely no way intend it to start another heated debate.

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clamps hand over mouth in attempt not to start biching......

Ishee girl
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I'll be honest, after about 40 letters like these
opinions did start to fly and the response was mixed.
The one thing that I will never understand however is what it feels like to be offended by something I read, see, hear about or whatever. Maybe grossed out, frightened or outraged, but offended?
Don't forget that it is this sort of mentality that inspires book burnings, censorship and eight o'clock curfews.
There is nothing so graphic, rude, or disturbing on the internet that I could get offended. I mean, who cares, look away. It's not like someone's punchin' your grandmother.

Stay tuned, more to come...