Dec. 16th, 2005
Try and ignore this, Laptop Jack-offs!

A week ago (Dec. 9th, 2005) I wrote this article (see right)  about you being my bitch, and today my dreams came true! What is it I'm talking about, you ask? Well, Mr. Carmouche, Mr. Clews, I invite you to go to Google and type in the name of your beloved website. Go ahead, you can do either one– "Laptop Lobbyist" or its doppleganger  "Laptop Activist." You see there? Right at the top of the search, "Laptop Lobbyist Normal Bob's Bitch!" Now when someone wants to find out more about you fellas, they discover that you are, in fact, my bitch. Isn't that  sweet?

And would you like to know why this is so? Because the internet is one of the last few places where the truth still stands a chance of being heard. It is still the least censored, most accessible source of truth there is. And that is why today you are my bitch.

You fucked with my business, now I fuck with yours.  Now here's a list of other people who're happy that  today you're my bitch.

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Read this report of the NPR reporter who called the Laptop Lobbyists and lost her job for the things she called them. It's funny.

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Some more interesting opinions on the LL.

Laptop Lobbyist turns out to be Normal Bob's Bitch
Google tells the Real Story of why the Lobbyists lost their site, and credibility.
Wait, now I'm confused! When I go to I am taken to a "NOT FOUND" page. What's up with that? Then when I go to (Their new site) they say that they're in their logo at the top of their page. But the URL right above that clearly says "" What's up with that? They're not the Laptop Lobbyists! Seems very unprofessional to me. The last thing I'd want is these people delivering me news or telling me who to vote for. Why would they have such a confusing web address?

Chris Carmouche, Executive Director of Laptop Lobbyists, and Normal Bob's Bitch

Please don't tell me that it's because of Normal Bob Smith. Because when you Google "Laptop Lobbyist," Normal Bob Smith is all over the place! There's also a whole bunch of negative press that pops up under that search (see left sidebar). What the fuck? People saying things like "Laptop Lobbyist is an awful site" and "Laptop Lobbyist is a rip-off," even an NPR reporter leaving them a phone message saying, "Hi, my name is Rachel. I wanted to tell you that you're evil horrible people. You're awful people. You represent horrible ideas. God hates you and He wants to kill your children. You should all burn in hell. Bye."

Then, about 4 or 5 lines down on this Google list is a link for "" Everything sounds normal, right? Wrong! It's not a link to them at all! It's a link to, well, this page! WHAT'S up with THAT? Looks to me like solid proof that Carter Clews (CEO) and Chris Carmouche (Exec. Dir.) suck! I think that's exactly what this indicates. Laptop Lobbyist, or Laptop Activist, or whatever alias they're hiding behind at any given moment must totally, royally suck to be so screwed on the Internet! I mean, they're totally Normal Bob Smith's bitch on Google! What an embarrassment.

Even typing "Laptop Activist" into Google doesn't bring up That's unheard of!
What it does bring up is another site,! Now you're saying, "And who the fuck are they?"
The same layout, and same mission, and the same team as the 'Lobbyists' and 'Activists,' they're all one in the same. They even have those $20 InstaFaxes (which is them charging you $20 to email a form letter for you), but now they're calling them ActiFaxes! That sounds so futuristic! I'm gonna start calling emails that too! "I'll ActiFax you tonight!"
ActiFax. What a bullshit service to charge people for.

Whatever their story, it's clear that they're trying in vain to separate themselves from what they've done and said, and the boat load of bad press they received. Why didn't they defend themselves, their $20 InstaFaxes and everything I had to say about them? That would have been the grownup thing to do. No. They ran and hid like little bunnies, yanking their web pages, changing their name, and burying their head in the sand pretending nothing ever happened. I'd expect nothing less from a group that sells ActiFaxes. I think we're all starting to see where that MPR reporter was coming from.

For more on the Laptop Lobbyists, aka Activists, aka America, aka, and the shit they try to get away with, check out what happened when they tried to shut down my website for the crime of not believing in Jesus and writing about it. Click here.

December 9th, 2005
Normal Bob Smith

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