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So I get contacted by radio "Shock Jock" Mancow Muller's producer inviting me on the show regarding JesusDressUp.com
I agreed, fully aware of the direction it was going to take.
Now it's common knowledge here in the city the Mancow is a loser and his radio show sucks... I mean, look at him!
If you were curious, that tattoo on his shoulder says "FREE SPEECH" on it. Something he did not practice on the air with me.

I expected to be cut off, yelled at, called names and censored. Not only did he censor the web address, he censored all my good one liners. For that I am a little pissed. But I am going to let you see for yourself. Below is my transcript from a tape recording of the show. I am not censoring anyone or anything... in fact I am going to include some of my censored statements that I remember. So, let the show begin...

Here are the 2 emails that I received referring to Mancow that evening.

No, this will not be the normal barrage of insults and threats that I'm sure you are accustomed to getting regarding your [hilarious] website, rather it is a letter of praise!!

I just heard you on MANCOW in the morning. I must say you have been one of the more entertaining guests, I sincerely enjoyed listening to you rip Mancow a new one. It's high time people loosen up about religion. I can't speak from personal experience, I lean to the agnostic/atheist side, but I'm sure you're familiar with the stiff, strick interpretations out there!

So, here's to you kickin' mancow's ass on the air. The second you got off, or rather, Mancow used his mute button and you left, I immediately got on the internet and did a search for 'Jesus dress up' on Yahoo and found your site.

Lovett Evan Reddick


Subject: Burn in hell fucko!

I hope that Mancow and Jesus beat your ass down fag.

Iowa Guy

Iowa Guy.
You both have shined like a new penny on a vast mountainous horizon.

The Iowa Guy is precisely the sort of audience Mancow attracts. The reality of it is, I probably have more readers than he has listeners.

Here is the drawing that I put on the Jesus Dress Up site for that one day.
It was hilarious! People were calling in, telling him about the picture and he was hangin' up on them before they said the web address.

Introduction to segment of show: THIS IS WEBWATCH. A REVIEW OF THE MOST EXCITING WEB S...

Mancow interrupts: Wwait, wait, wait... (He was telling me to wait because he said "Hello, is this Bob?" and I said "Yes, creator of Jesus Dress Up dot com!". That got cut out and I got reintroduced).
Mancow again: Ok, um, hold on. We got Bob here. Bob? What do you do on the website?

Me: I have a web site that I designed where you can dress up Jesus in a variety of contemporary type clothing!
3 to 4 second pause of dead air...
Mancow: Excuse me?
Me: I said, I have a web site where you can dress up Jesus in a variety of contemporary type clothing!
Mancow: Oh, some little Mexican guy or something?
Me: Oh, no, It's Jesus Christ.
6 seconds of dead air...
Me: Hello?
Mancow: Yeah. You do what to Jesus Christ?
Me: Anyone, not just me,can go to ... (censored out of show)... dot com and dress him up in a variety of contemporary type clothing. You can dress him up in clothes (I simplified it, because he seemed to be having trouble understanding) bell bottoms, scuba outfit, ballet outfit, Tu tus.
(6 more seconds of dead air. I was told later by a friend that he was wanting me to say the it was a "crucified Christ" . That was her speculation.)
Mancow: You think that's funny? (Now completely disgusted with me.)
Me: Hey, I think it's funny. I don't think it hurts anyone.
Mancow: Yeah, really?
Me: That is correct.
Mancow: Yeah? (Even more disgusted than before). How do you think hell is gonna feel for eternity?... you dumb son of a bitch!
Me: I think it's a dumb son of a bitch who believes in hell.
Mancow: Oh really? I think you're a dumb son of a bitch!
Me: You think I'm dumb? (I was really a bit shocked. Me? Dumb?)
Mancow: You know, a lot of people hold this very sacred. Why do you have to destroy it? (me laughing in background) You know what, seriously.
Me: My little web site isn't going to destroy anything...
Mancow cutting me off: Is your mother still alive?
Me: My mom is still alive...
Mancow: Oh really? I hope she's gang raped! I hope she gets the crap beat out of her so that something you love can be disgraced, you sick pathetic son of a bitch!
Me in background while he's yelling: Well, that's very Christian of you...
Mancow: Oh yeah, a, hey, you'll do anything to get attention won't you?!
Me: Oh, I don't do anything to get attention! I'll put my beliefs on the Internet and I don't care!
Mancow: Oh, I know you don't care!
Me: I'll tell you exactly what I believe!
Mancow: Oh, that's great... you know what Bob, I don't care about you and your stupid web site!
Me saying the line I was dying to say: What is this? Is this your beliefs or the beliefs of the character you play on the radio?!
Mancow: Oh, the character I'm playin'?!
Me: Absolutely right!
Mancow: Oh, yeah, no. When I go home I play with dress up dolls and stick pins in a Jesus doll! You freak! (More of me laughing).
Mancow: You freak!
Me: Yeah, I'm the freak.
Mancow: Here's hopin' your mama gets raped!
Me: You might wanna look at your life and see who the freak is.
Mancow: Here's hopin' you get shot in the face.
Me: Ok, that's illegal what you're sayin'.
Mancow: Have fun PRICK!
Me: You're the prick!
Mancow: You prick!
Me: Good, resort to name calling. Very mature.
Mancow: You called me a prick!
Me: You called me a prick first.
Mancow: No, you called me a prick first!
Me: Well, let's get into this argument. That makes a lot of sense.
Mancow: Dickhead... DICKHEAD!
Me: Yeah, me. Look in the mirror Mancow!
Mancow: I like what I see sir. I see a man who has been saved and will spend eternity bathed in light.... and when I'm talking to you, I'm talking to a big steaming pile of crap.... (This is where I'm cut off and Mancow rants and raves. I'm sayin' to him "Hey Mancow, Mancow! I got somethin' for ya!" ...and we're off the air.)
Off air Me: Are you listening to me?!
Mancow: Yeah, what?!
Off air Me: I've got a present for you.
Off air Mancow: Yeah, what's that?
Off air Me: Right now on JesusDressUp.com I have a picture of your face so that people can crucify and dress YOU up!
Off air Mancow: Oh yeah, just for that you don't get a PLUG! (And he hangs up).

This, however was not the end. They called me back... to fight.