Everyone is special. Some are just more special than others.

Part 2

About a minute after Mancow hangs up on me his intern calls me up.
Intern: I hope everything is all right and you realize it's all just part of the show.
I told her
everything was fine and that I had a great time. At this point I wasn't aware that I had gotten censored at all (Although I had my suspicions). She told me that it went great and I'm going to get a lot of hits because of this.
While I was on the phone with her, Mancow is trying to call me back. They're getting my voice mail, thinking I'm standing there scared to get back on the air with him. The intern hangs up, Mancow gets through again and the "debate" resumes.

During the space between phone calls, Mancow and his flunkies rant and rave about the transpiring.

One of them says to Mancow: "There's your tattoo on your arm all about free speech and there you are cutting him off!" Somebody promote that man!

Mancow goes on to say: "All right if it was Buddha, if it was Mohammed... or if it was Moses. This is a disgrace, it's real funny to believe in a higher power....
call that jack leg (?) back!

Mancow lives to parade around his "specialness". He no longer cares about the quality of his work. His desperation to look cool shows.

I would be so ashamed of these cheesy, autographed portraits of strippers that I'd met. And I'd be insulted if one of these girls offered to sign one for me right after I'd interviewed them. Not only is he proud but he's made sure that the Jpegs are large enough so that everyone can see each special message written to him. I suppose to him, some stripper writing "Big wet kisses!" on an 8X10 is pretty exciting. I know where you can get a crate of these for five bucks.

But my favorite thing about this man is his groveling over stars. On his web site he shows off pictures of himself with all of the celebrities he's interviewed. He doesn't realize that they're scrambling to escape his scary existence. Mancow thinks these folks are going to help out his career somehow. It must sting to be so close and yet so far.
So watch out Vanilla, you're one of the people Mancow is going to be contacting when he loses his job.


More Special People...

Mancow: Hey!
Me: Hello!
Mancow: I wanna meet you and I wanna fight!
Me: You wanna fight now.
Mancow: Yeah, I wanna meet you and punch you right in the face!
Me and my favorite line: Oh, I'd love to punch you in the face. (It came out sounding so right! Know what I mean?)
Mancow: Yeah, I want to get you in the ring and I wanna fight you... and I'm not kidding you!
Me: Obviously you haven't seen the size of me then.
Mancow: Yeah?
Me: Yeah.
Mancow: What are you? A little pussy boy?
Me: I'm about 6 foot 5, 230 pounds.
Mancow: I'M 700 POUNDS!... Ok, that's a lie (Me laughing in background). Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something dick smack! Listen closely!
Me: I like the way you resort to name calling.
Mancow and his posse: YOU STARTED IT!!!!!
Me: I like the way you continue the tradition.
Mancow: Well, ok whatever. That is beside the point. That is mute. Listen to me real good Mr. Jesus Dress Up Do.. doll man Ok? (That's where he almost said the address)...that has me just.... look at the veins in the neck! Let me tell you something sir. Anytime, anywhere, and when I come I'm bringin' the holy ghost with me! (His back-up yell and scream at this point).
Me: So it's gonna be you standing by yourself, then, I take it.
Mancow: I'm comin'
Me: Well, that's what it's gonna have to be then.
Mancow: I wanna meet you punk!
Me: Of course you do!
Mancow: When?
Me: Hey, I'm willing to come in there any time!
Mancow: Yeah?
Me: That is absolutely right!
Mancow: You come in and I'll kick your ass.
Me: I'd like to see that.
Mancow: Wait a minute, how big are you?
Me: I'm about 6 foot four 230 pounds.
Mancow's people: You were 6' 5" a minute ago!
Me: I'm not 6' 5". I'm 6' 4".
Mancow: I bet you're a real skinny guy.
Me: I'm a little skinny... but that's ok...
Mancow: I bet you don't work out.
Me: I'm in shape. I worked out last night.
Mancow: How old of a man are ya? I bet you're an old guy.
Me: You wanna know how old I am? I'm 31... still old enough to kick your ass!
(Then once again Mancow and I exchange off the air).
Off air Mancow: Screw you, you didn't get a plug, ha ha!
Off air Me: You know what Mancow, I don't need your plug, I get 10,000 hits a day...

Then they hung up for the last time.

Heard you on the mancow radio show (q101) chicago today. Laughed my ass off when he started raving about 'our savior' and shit like he likes to do. It sounded like you touched a sore spot there, but it's cool. I never really liked him anyway. Liked the site.

A fan

Two days after the event, I received one last email that touched me more than any of the others.

Subject: Dress up Jesus,The Head?
Where did the mexican head go?


That's no Mexican, Mr. Demonhead, that's Mancow.
Our special, special Mancow Muller.


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Mancow Interlude

Mancow Part 2

Mancow Saves Face
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Subject: More shit from ManCow

I dont know if you listen to KROCK but Fred Durst called up the Caine and Cabby show and apparently he had some problems with ManCow. Mancow showed up to one of Limp Bizkit's shows with a cow asking for some free tickets for himself and to give to his listeners. Fred's been on Howard Stern, and Howard and ManCow have problems with eachother, so Fred basically told ManCow to fuck off. I think they made a banner of some sort saying "ManCow stop wanting my cock" or somethign like that. Just thought you might like to know about this, further showing how much of an ass ManCow is.