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Could it be me?

Last week, yours truly fell victim to the most ruthless and cunning group of non Christians who are out to expose... other non Christians... for how mislead, unfunny and talentless they are...? Um...OK, nevermind the premise. Here's the real scoop.

Under the alias "Steven Gorrow" this "twisted" Mafia-esque Internet vigilante group (whom I suspect to be at least 40 strong) cleverly fabricated 2 "angry Christian" emails that I fell for ( in their own words) "hook, line and sinker".

I ask that you not judge me for the words that I have responded with, the talent that I lack or the fool that I have been mercilessly made out to be.

By the way, their grammar errors and refusal to capitalize or punctuate are all part of a guise to mislead... I'm assuming.

The other empty threat that I see a lot is "We're going to shut you down!"

Here are some samplings...

You Are one Son of the Bitch, Sick Asshole.....shut down your side right now cuz we are going to do it for you. The end is near by you.....

Christie G.


Robert Peal


Mmm, the soft, sencious world of satin.

My reply is always the same:

As usual it is my curious nature that will probably be my downfall. I must say that there is nothing I'd like more than a "play by play" of your efforts to have my site removed from the web. I'd like this so much that I'd be willing to help you in your efforts how ever possible. I will post your letters in a special section dedicated to people who want my site eliminated and the ways that they can go about helping you.

I am totally serious.

I personally don't think that it can be done but my curiosity is overwhelming. Please send me your email correspondences, petitions, list of authorities, whatever and I will make this information available to my readers and perhaps together we can work to crush my evil page.

If you think that I am kidding, please reread my pages and see that I have never been more serious.

Sincerely, Bob Smith

Then of course there will always be those who steal my work and claim it as their own.

Sure it's easy and expected and I suppose it's the greatest form of flattery there is, but that still doesn't mean they shouldn't be exposed for the thieves that they are.

Dynamo666 .com

(They credit me, but they didn't ask permission. And they could have linked me, but then they couldn't have gotten their tacky logo involved.)

All poorly copied and well deserving of a good harassing.


Hey, it worked. Thanks to you and your emails, three of the mock Jesus Dress Up's have been removed from the internet.

See below.
Your emails are in yellow.
Theirs are in gray. Enjoy:

Hey Nobface

You obviously have too much time on your hands, and your design style sux the big one I cant beleive someone would attempt to make money out of an idea that isnt even funny or intelligent

Ya fuckhead

Steven Gorrow

Gee, Steven doesn't find my ideas funny.

That's odd, because I get over 6,000,000 hits a month from people who do find it funny. And from the sound of your letter you seem to have a wonderful sense of what's funny. But hey, Steven doesn't approve so I guess I'll change and do something with a more "Mad About You" kinda funny. Oh you'd like that I bet.

I think we're both aware of who the fuckhead is, aren't we Steven?

OOh so there are six million retards in the US gee what a suprise...or maybe its one of has read six books in their entire life and bases their entire sense of humour on Waynes World has passed out sniffing glue...again...and his head landed on the refresh button...But its great to see that the mid west has a patron saint of idiocy to guide them. And they can now give thanks to God that they only have to pay a dollar to see their Now we can truly count you amongst the humanity. And whatsmore, you've obviously managed to do it without any form of education, other than that you have gained from the backs of cereal packets floating down the gutter. It's good to see that while some amongst us on this planet have spent their time trying to help others, people like Nelson Mandelaand Mother Theresa, people that started with nothing but a will and an idea, at least you are here to keep the world in balance by making the world a far worse place. Preying on a common denominator like popular religion, debasing it and trying to make a personal fortune out of it that we can only hope you will spend on a site that alienates, I don't know, say, ethnic minorities, or maybe even woman.

You know, you really are an important part of society. You're our link with history. Your the very incarnation of the crusades. A beautiful specimen of a close-minded and insecure fool that goes around making a mockery of the very things that others devote their whole lives to. Sure this may be because of your own personal insecurities about your own personal beliefs and the need to reaffirm them, but that really isn't the point is it? The main point is that you have no respect for anyone else, which we all know is an important part of human, and social development, right? Oh and did I mention you are a fuckhead?

Steven Gorrow

I can not imagine going through life as angry as you are.

You should reread all that you've written to me and see all of the vile you're spewing at a complete stranger about a goofy website. Laugh a little. Most importantly laugh a little at yourself. There are a lot of people out there who're simply tired of all the damnation and judgment from folks like you. Your passion has been misdirected. You can feed the world food, I'll make them laugh. I'm better at that.

You need to ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?".

are you doing one for Goofy as well? mate we are not christians and we have been having a good laugh at your reactions all day today....its absolutuley hilarious to think that you actually think you have a sense of humour. your over defensiveness is what we prey on and you fell hook line and sinker......when it comes to humour we are actually quite twisted its just that you aint funny and your design style is really ugly and its hilarious to think you that you think its so good that you can make people pay to see it huuh youre an absolute moron. we are going to copy this email along with your URL and forward it on our database. thanx for helping write the script to probably the only piece of actual humour youll ever be a part of. you have been the perfect stereotypical overdefensive internet developement nerdoh did i mention your a fuckhead

PS: please please please learn about design and concept for all our sakes

Steven Gorrow

Steven, Why did you stop now? Were my replies so implicating that you knew you had everything you needed to expose me?

Please keep in mind that from this end it looks as if you're desperately trying to find a way out of this without looking like a moron. It saddens me to think that you're probably just making up this whole "Make an example of me on the Internet" plea. But if you have really spent these last several days "toying" with me and you really are as clever as you claim to be, please forward it to me.
Maybe it will teach me the lesson that I so deserve.

No link has been forwarded as of yet but I'll keep you all posted if "they" ever respond.

If anyone should happen upon this band of happy go lucky pranksters, please steer clear for they claim to be quite ruthless and twisted.

The image displayed to the right is what I believe to be an accurate portrayal of their celebratory disobedience.

Someone emailed me and told me that I had YOUR dress up Jesus Stuff on my website (I think that is where I have it.) I told him that I didn't know WHO's stuff it was ... someone mailed me the html ..and I don't remember where it was from .. but is was DEFINITELY NOT from your site. I always give credit if I know who the credit goes to .. you know how the internet is .. But what I copied to my site did NOT give credit to any author ... I mean, I have a TINY poem .. like 4 lines on a trailer trash site of mine .. I was able to track down the author and I got credit .. Anyway ... if you want me to take it down I will .. or give you credit..?? Let me know ... I will do whatever when I get home from work.

Here is the email I received last night .. etc etc ....

Why are you stealing Normal Bob Smith's work?

Someone mailed it to me as a webpage . I don't know who normal bob is ... give me a link and I will give him credit.
You might want to E-mail him and let him know you are giving him credit, He has posted your site on his page.

It is down .. you Jesus stuff.

Thanks Razor.

This was related to a totally different stolen JesusDressUp:

Jesus Dress-Up is sooo clever.

As a matter of fact, it is so clever that when I saw it, I didn't believe it could be part of this website. (I mean, the site name "interdeath" doesn't even make sense, the graphics take forever to load, and the layout and structure are just messes.)

Well, I just happened to talk to the creator of Jesus Dress-Up today. (Actually, oh! He's a friend of mine.) I -- and everyone who visits his site -- know that you just stole his artwork to claim as your own.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Are you so drained of ideas that you can't think of anything self-created for your website? I realize that pentagrams and figures of death require a lot of brain power, so I'll forego that protest.

2. Are you so talentless that you can't even figure out that putting that booty of Jesus Dress-Up graphics on a black background makes the images look shitty? Or is every page here at the "darkside" required to be black for brooding-underworld effect?

(Let's get real... you can't make a dungeon out of a web page, so you might as well succumb to the Internet's cornucopia of dancing-baby animations and Hello Kitty-esque ornaments. Add them to your "online metal hangout" and let the parade of thirteen-year-olds who think this site "rocks" begin.)



the jesus i din't get from bob if you give me the home page link i will link it to him :) no problem i copirighted my page because i did put a lot of work on it the jesus thing i had from a friend that told me he made it i din't know it

so i'm realy realy sorry i will link the jesus to his site i realy din't know it ....


hello i started a mess here this is my second mail i resieved about this to the other guy i replyed

the jesus i din't get from bob if you give me the home page link i will link it to him :) no problem i copirighted my page because i did put a lot of work on it the jesus thing i had from a friend that told me he made it i din't know it

so i'm realy realy sorry i will link the jesus to his site i realy din't know it ....

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