Everyone is special, some are just more special than others.

I fought long and hard with how exactly to go about doing this. Never before have I encountered someone so anxious to parade their extreme extra-specialness. 
It began in Hate Mail when this mousy, sensitive weeny type person expressed his disapproval of me and my site. Now this alone is not enough to earn the ranks of "Special Person", but as things progressed it became more and more apparent that he was gleaming the cube between fantasy and confusion. I was also starting to see a picture far more disturbing of someone basing their life on the possibilities of Never Never Land. That's right, Smurfy creatures with magic potions living in a fantastic underground puppet land.

Now separating yourself from reality and standing for what you believe no matter how wack you sound is still not enough to gain a Special People Club membership. Seeking acceptance from those who belittle and taunt you more than meets all of the requirements.

So Jason McCann, welcome.
I know you love this.

I was nervous that someone (mainly Jason) was trying to pull one over on me. No one could be this far gone and still able to compose an email on some "evil electric thinking box".

After the initial posting of Jason's letters I was delighted to be contacted by a lovely someone who knew of Jason and was more than willing to help me understand the person I was dealing with. I expressed to her my concerns and she quickly put them to rest.

Hey bob. 

Jason sent me the other emails and I guarantee you he is being serious.

As funny as it is, he doesn't have the capacity to be THAT funny. I have plenty of stories I could tell you, but I wouldn't want you posting it. 

Needless to say, he loves to debate and really would like to chat with you sometime one on one on AIM or ICQ or whatever... hell he's on all of them. I'm glad he found someone else to hound for a while. 

One thing, on your first reply to Jason, you stated: "This leaves me somewhat embarrassed for you and for those who might find themselves vouching for you as well." 

I hope you weren't meaning me. The last thing I'd do is vouch for him... I've just had the misfortune of knowing who he is and being on your side of a conversation with him on many occasions. Fun huh? Although I must admit, I'm jealous. He has his own page now! sigh. I guess I could act like an idiot and get one too huh? 


And so it began. The emails from Jason and others started to flow in. 
Bob, in response to the hatemail from Jason McCann who said something like "what makes a song sad?" well what makes a song sad is a minor chord. it's happy if it is made up of major chords. simple music logic!! hehe not that i'm contradicting you or anything i think you're great. but i wanted that pointed out to this Jason McCann.

And i admire your ability to actually laugh at these people and be able to write such whitty and intelligent (and humorous) responses. i could never do that, because just reading the hate mail frustrates me beyond belief because i want to go up to these people and smack some sense into them. but if we could all do that, then i think that none of the hate mail writers would exists.

Love ya 

Let me state for the record that my "No one knows what makes a sad song sad" statement was total sarcasm. 

I just read the Jason McCann files. Wow. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I laughed it turns out.

If you ever do anything like a "Best of Hate Mail", Jason there would get my vote. The pure torture of logic he spews is quite astonishing. I see weird stuff that I don't understand, so there must be invisible spirits running around doing these unexplained things. The guy needs Occam's(SP?) razor held to his throat. Any school he ever attended should be shut down for gross negligence. When I have kids, I'm making sure they take debate class in High School, and critical thinking at the college level.

Keep on keeping on, 
Alan Smith

P.S. If I ever head over to the fan site for a chat, do I have your permission to use BeezleBob as a handle?

Oh my god, Bob,

I was going to leave you alone for the rest of the holidays so you can get your mind off this stuff, but I had to respond to your hilarious "discussion" with the superstar Jason McCann. And I know you love to hear how clever you are:). You're so clever.

Jason said: These beings that surround us everyday are here watching over us and simply offering us strength along the way. God and these other beings cannot manipulate the entire world to fit in with your idea of what is right for you. The fact that God does not manipulate the world to your liking RIGHT NOW does not in anyway prove that he does not exist.

The fact that Jason manipulates his perception of reality does not prove god exists either! I believe that the current opinion on physics is that a negative cannot be proven in a scientific way. Asking you, Bob, to prove that God does NOT exist would be an amazing feat, if you were to do so. And Jason argues that spiritual beings and other metaphysical creatures exist, even if you can't see them because he says so, and some authors agree as well. If it says so in a book, it must be true! Just like T.V.! Then later he calls you childish, in a very childish manner. He seems to contradict himself with every word he types. I have never known a man to believe in "faeries", let alone want to so badly that he has decided they do exist.

The point I think Jason misses is that just because his "religion" isn't of the more common organized variety, it is still just as ridiculous. I'm sure it gives him that "Santa Claus was here!" feeling everytime he thinks he sees a "faery?". Yes, Bob, you too could feel the excitement if you weren't so....not stupid. I am impressed by Jason's persistence to give his opinion without having anything to back it up. I think he's wasting his time worrying about the 97% of his brain that isn't being used. Why don't you use the 3% to make sense, Mr. I'm-so-deep metaphysical guy? Jason, please keep writing. It's better than faeries.


You found a good one, Bob:). I laughed my ass off.

You can put it under my letter and tell Jason I got it out of the fairy bible. And tell him it's an actual photograph. File footage, you know. 

I should have signed the damn art, shouldn't I have? Oh well, too late. 

Alien fairy for Jason McCann
by Sara Colleran
Super Chic

Here is where it all started, with the Hate Mail heading:
"We're through the looking glass here people..."
"...it means nothing about you as a person to believe in obvious things"

Uh duh organized religion is stupid. Christianity and just about everything else is full of a bunch of contradictions and stupid things. Freaking wars are always fought in religion's name including the one going on this time. So your mocking of such things as heaven and "the tunnel" come across as pretty juvenile to someone like me. Convincing me that christianity is flawed is fine....but using this to say that there is nothing or no "god"...thats pretty far fetched to me. you need to do more. Your arguments for atheism are not intelligient. If you want to convince someone like me why dont you confront some modern views of god and the world? instead of 2000 year old beliefs such as purgatory and heaven and hell and all that crap, why dont you learn about and confront such things as auras and energy and faeries and little angels and wicca and whatever else. (while some of those ideas may also be old....they are far better than the blindness of christitanity.) Mocking christianity is old hat to me. Have the courage to explore what might be out there instead of just closing off and chickening out and assuming that there is nothing.

and regarding your aversion to therapy. That was comedy. You want a quick fix, and you mock the therapist for saying its gonna take.....what was it? Like 30 visits? what is that like 6-7 months? To figure out whats going on in your head? thats nothing! Humans go through a nearly 18 year process of growing up as a child. They have all sorts of pressures growing up.... parents.... parents who oftencan be abusive or cold in this world....the kids at school.... trying to belong...trying to fit it....and much more....for you it may well have been completely different. But regardless you went through 18 years of what I am imagining was not a perfect childhood. And you want to delve into your brain and figure out what your defense mechanisms are and your transferences and a ton of other stuff in what? One session? Not to mention you also might have a had a bad therapist? If you listen to a piece of music and you dont like the song do you find another artist or do you just conclude that music sucks in general? Therapy is work buddy, it takes a while.

Judging from what you have written you strike me as an impatient person. You need things explained to you in black and white and right away. You have no patience. You want the quick fix. You want to feel better about everything RIGHT NOW. Well thats a pretty primitive form of existence if you ask me.

And one last thing....in my opinion God made a world in which he couldnt be proved to exist so that people would do what they would do and their true colors would be shown. If people are good in a world where god is standing in the sun watching over you then so what. If they are good by their own accord.....then thats beautiful. And if they believe in god because they have the wisdom and the eyes to truly look at the world....then thats beautiful too. Believeing in god when hes there in front of you is like saying "I believe in dirt!" Yeah dirts everywhere...duh. Point being it means nothing about you as a person to believe in obvious things. 

But as I said before I am a firm opposer of organized religion...any that are out there right now anyway. But I am no atheist and while I know these words will go in one ear and out the other....you really ought to work on your view of the world. Its a beautiful place. And its a horrible place. But you are missing something, man. thats all I can say.

I hope you wont classify this as hatemail because I dont hate you. Just had to point out a few things about your site:) Enjoy finding the women. 

Jason McCann

I had not planned on coming up against someone like you and your modern views of God. I'm sure that this is all "old hat" and I must seem pretty juvenile and unintelligent ... to someone very big and smart like you. But I think that I can find the courage to explore this further. Screw the Bible! Let me in on what this new, updated God has to offer. I'd like your explanation because you know what your talking about. Does New-God come with a revised bible too?

Hey, are you trying to tell me that during an average human child's 18 year growing process, abuses and pressures occur and this may or may not have been the case with me? THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS! Stick it up your ass! You don't know my father! You can't talk about my father! The basement was my happy place! STOP TEASING MY FATHER!

As for your theories on therapy, I am quite aware that I probably had a less than average therapist (your one-bad-song/ hate-all-music analogy opened my eyes). Let me say that I knew that I was sane enough to figure out my own problems, and so far I think that I'm right.

Jason, I'd like you to show me somebody that doesn't want to feel better about everything RIGHT NOW. We all know that it takes time, but "wanting it now" is the first step. I think that it is a primitive existence to want it down the road a stretch, maybe in a couple years... when I get around to it. What are you talking about? I guess that I am impatient.

One last thing for you. I think that it means a lot for a person to believe the obvious. If more people believed in the obvious everyone would be better off. I'll even go so far as to say that if you examined every mistake and accident that ever happened a very large majority of them would be attributed to people not believing the obvious. In short, I think that your "Hiding God" theory on this subject has not been thought out very well. In fact, I think that a great many statements you've made have very little insight, no real conclusions, and an obvious attempt to try and look smart. This leaves me somewhat embarrassed for you and for those who might find themselves vouching for you as well.

Normal Bob Smith

"if you want to mock modern thought...feel free"

New updated god? Did I use those words? Did I say anything like that? You have a profound ability to bullshit people...i'll give you that...but, I see through it....and this is not some "super intellegient being" speaking...though it must make it easy for you to toss me in the catergory of the vane and self involved.

Look, if you want to mock modern thought...feel free....the only point I was making was that you should put it on your webpage instead of crap like the flaws in christianity and other bullshit religions. I seriously laughed reading your webpages mocking the "tunnel" and what not.

You still have not offered any evidence to show there is no god...you only bitch about the problems with the god that current philosophy presents. Or whatever you choose to manipulate that sentence to mean. You essentially ignored every single question and idea that I raised in my email. Amazing. 

Jason :)

More propaganda...please! P.s. your email sounds exactly like what I described.....a whiny child who wants everything now.

Jason, if I am whining about anything it's that you keep telling me about these modern views of God that I should be addressing and you refuse to give me the details of what you're talking about. I have read through my response to you again (genuinely concerned that it might have sounded like I'm whining) and could find nothing but my typical ego smashing, run amok hilarity that the ladies all find so adorable.

To me the evidence is clear that there is no God. If there were a supreme being or supreme race existing in the universe lording over us we'd know it. Then there's the gift of our imaginations working in conjunction with a dire need for an afterlife. This is all the proof I need... is this the sort of thing that you consider whining and/or bitching?

You see, I think that you're doing this name calling and dissecting of my personality because that's all you've got. I think that you're sticking to this defense to avoid having to take a stand. I am dying to know more about your idea of a "modern god". To be honest I don't think that you even know what you're talking about. Does it include any written word or is it all your idea? Please, I'm asking you to explain. 

As for not answering all of your questions... I feel that I adequately addressed the important ones. I explained my views on therapy "Let me say that I knew that I was sane enough to figure out my own problems, and so far I think that I'm right."

I illustrated to you that your idea of a God making it impossible for His own existence to be proven was a silly one, by referring to Him as a "Hiding God". All of these things are ideas in your head that you hope to be true. You've constructed a scenario that can operate without any evidence. Can't you see that this in itself is evidence against! Evidence, because you're grasping at straws to make it real. 

And I ignored your thing about how beautiful things are when you believe in them because that just sounded loopy.

Thank you for being patient with all of the whining. Bob

"What makes a song sound sad?"

Well Bob, where do I begin? The details of what I am talking about?

I believe there are in fact things that surround us on a daily basis. I not only believe that there is a God, but I also believe that there many many other nonphysical beings in this universe. I believe that we are not left alone to fend for ourselves on this planet but are mrather in fact here to grow and learn things. I do not believe we are here simply to get what we want when we want it...I think of all of life as a learning process. These beings that surround us everyday are here watching over us and simply offering us strength along the way. God and these other beings cannot manipulate the entire world to fit in with your idea of what is right for you. The fact that God does not manipulate the world to your liking RIGHT NOW does not in anyway prove that he does not exist. 

As far as your rants about evidence there is plenty of EVIDENCE that would be viewable by you the person who only BELIEVES THE OBVIOUS that indicates the existence of telepathy and other strange phenomenon. I mean its a constant on the planet through time that never goes away. People claiming to be psychic....people predicting things. Reports of people being healed. THE EVIDENCE to me seems to clearly point that are things not of this world that you and I cannot understand. Do you even realize how limited our states of minds as human beings are? Do you think our level of conscienceness is capable of understanding everything about the universe? If our simple minds are capable of understanding everything Id be very surprised. We only use about 3% of our brains. What about those other parts? What might they be for? Is it possible that just maybe that those parts of the brain if we were capable of using them would allow us to interact on a whole new plane of communication? Maybe its those parts of the brain that would allows us to see the "hiding god"? Maybe we're the "hiding humans"? maybe its limiting ourselves to the obvious that keeps those parts of the brain from not functioning? The answer is I dont know! I never claimed to know what is out there. I can only come up with beliefs based on what I see in the world. and based on what I have seen in the world, I think there is a god and angels and little angels and faeries and pixies and all that....and that its much more complex and infinite than you or I can comprehend. I also happen to believe that with the right eyes you can see these things. Buy a book about auras or spiritual healing and do some of the mental exercises in the book with a completely open mind and you will be able to see the energy that every living thing emits on this planet. And then maybe you'll be able to see the other things. I have seen them. Can I prove to you that it was real or that I saw anything? Absolutely not. And I am glad I can't.

Because even if I could you could never appreciate it the you do when it happens to you. And if it were provable then it wouldnt be nearly as special for me either. I am not the one ignoring ther obvious. Look around you. Spend a day walking and just looking at all the things in this world that are truly amazing. Things that dont logically have to exist. Like the beauty of a sunset. Or the mystery of music. What makes a song sound sad? 

What makes it sound happy? Why can the music of one person emotionally effect another person 300 years later in a different country? What about humor? I mean if you think about it what really makes us find certain things funny? To me these are the things that indicate to me, not prove but indicate, that there is something out there. Your arguments, however challenging, do not show me enough to go against what I have seen in this world. 

Anyway sorry to babble but you wanted details. The evidence makes it obvious to me that there is something out there that we dont understand. 

I look forward to your response. Believe me I find this every bit as entertaining as you do. 

Jason, this is spectacular. When you were talking about "more modern views of God" I hadn't a clue that you'd developed a whole sci-fi fantasy world of non physical beings watching over us, mental telepathy and the unexplainable mysteries of a sad song. 

You are absolutely correct that I have yet to formally address this world you've thought up and the magical place it may very well be.

I have always written off the reports I've heard of people having the power to heal, mind readers and those who consistently predict future events. I suppose that it's because no one has ever been able to prove that these things can be done and it'd be so easy to prove if they were real.

I have purposely avoided the topic of music/humor and the abilities they have to emotionally effect us. There is just no logical answer for this. Just between you and me, I think that it could be the work of beings from another planet. I also think that others might be involved. This is OFF the record, but I'll give you a hint: The F.B.I. That's all I'm going to say on that matter. I'll discuss more of that with you in a private chat if you'd like, but not here where we're being watched.

You have brought up many issues that I am reluctant to touch upon. Maybe it's out of fear... or it could be that I'm blocking out the magical world with my adult logic (like "The Sixth Sense" or a Mrs. Butterworth talking bottle commercial). 

In any case, this has cleared up the questions I had about you. You've definitely made your point about the limitations of the human brain and the realities it ignores. 

Thank you for the email, 

"i would love to chat..."

i would love to chat with you sometime. I always love a good discussion.

Jason McCann
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 20:15:22 -0800 

"I need to respect people with the atheistic view..."

by the way just wanted to let you know....Like I said in my first email "i dont hate you." Not even close actually. I just disagree with your ideas. I dont think you are going to hell or anything like that. I believe in respecting other peoples ideas... although i do find it easier when someone believes in something... anything..... I also realize that I need to respect people with the atheistic view the same way.

The main reason I debate with you so vigorously is because I worry about my friend believing your ideas. "Kate" you surely no doubt remember her simply by name. A hopeless case I'm sure (or hopeful hehehe) but at least i can try. 

By the way one thing I left out....I just had to say...even if you dont think jesus is the son of god (something that I havent decided on....what is the term "son" anyway? seems like human terms posed on inhuman entities. kinda like calling god "he" i guess. I suppose the writers could be trying to convey that the emotions that one has for a son are similar to gods feelings for jesus. Or the way god looks at jesus...but thats also symbolism implied as fact....well anyway)you have to admit he's a pretty cool guy with a pretty decent philosophy. He has this whole kick back and stop criticizing eachother idea. Who the hell in his day was saying "don't stone the adultress"? 

Jason McCann
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 00:50:13 -0800 



Jason McCann
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 01:01:21 -0800 

...and this is when it started getting good.
Jason McCann Part 2