Everyone is special, some are just more special than others.

Fans respond to
Jason McCann

Hi there Bob,

I'm responding to your querry about Jason McCann. First, I think he now deserves to be a full member of your "special people" club. And instead of going on and on with answers to him, you could just put his letters in his "special people" section and create a poll. Then people could vote on his ability to argue or about the originality (or even relevance, or whatever) of his arguments. The point is that he seems to have such a high opinion of himself and of his arguments, if a poll is required for him to see his errors, then so be it !

Sebastien Roy
Sebastien, with an "e" not an "a"

Yes the votes were tallied!

It was a close race, but the number of people wanting me to do more with Jason outweighed the "Peel him off and let him wiggle on the sidewalk till he dries up" votes. Here, see for yourself...

At first, I thought you should just ignore the pathetic bastard. Then it hit me: This guy probably lives for your responses. He sits there, waiting for you to admit he's right, there's a great entity in the sky that loves you and "can see you no matter where you are". (the last part is a quote from my grandma, told to me as a child, which always left me thinking "even in the bathroom?"). Jason McCann loves to "hate" you. If you were to ignore him, it may crush his poor little soul. Not that that's too big a deal.

forever a fan,

The guy is an idiot. He happily accepts make-believe answers for any question that pushes the thresh-hold of human comprehension, and then points at it claims it an incredible feat of logic. It is fun to read your responses to him. I'm afraid it might become a "beating a dead horse" thing though. Maybe you could just taunt him occasionally? Like a special treat for your readers...

Also, I'd be slightly concerned about continually slamming a person that seems to have no grasp of logic and reason. The guy HAS to have some serious issues, or will be encountering them in the near future, and I would not want to be the one that finally pushes him to his breaking point.

Oh yeah, almost forgot... I was really intrigued by your Satan's salvation question. I was also jealous I had never thought of such a simple and beautiful concept. I got really curious wondering if the catholic church has an official answer, so I asked my parents. They really had no idea. My mom had one good comment though. She figures that if God was to forgive Satan, He'd probably require Satan to do some penance. Think of that penance assignment though!!! I got a few Hail Marys as a kid for swearing, stealing a piece of candy etc. What would the penance be for causing ALL evil in the world?? Plus all the torture down in the fiery lake.... Satan is going to be bummed! It'll probably take him at least a thousand years to finish, whatever it is.

So anyway, If you've gotten any "official church answer", I'd sure like to hear what it is. Keep up the good work,

I say keep responding to him. His latest comment was at least something different from the usual "I Hate U!!! U suK!!! Jebus is Kewl!!!" kind of stuff that you get. I tend to prefer your deeper discussions and your more advanced taunting.

Carl Johnson 3

it's true "ignorance is bliss", but there are exceptions for most types of ignorance, in this case make bliss, of the ignorance.. I say you mock him sarcastically, lol I'd get a kick out of it, as I'm sure everyone else would as well, just "my" opinion...

-LoZt SouL-

"Your policy of showing your emails to everyone will be the fucking end of you if you keep up this ignorance with me"

I guess Im slow but i think that whole me making my point about the brains of humans was meant to be insulting. I honestly thought you were serious. I mean I really did. I thought you were acknowledging that I was right that we have no idea of what our potential is and that there could be something out there...that us as humans are capable of so much more.....instead it seems you were just using that idea for some crude joke about my intellegience. Your complete inabilty to deal with what I talked about reveals to me that you not intelligient after all. You're manipulative....theres a difference.

Your policy of showing your emails to everyone will be the fucking end of you if you keep up this ignorance with me. Why? Because you are a manipulative little bitch and I'm on to your sorry ass! (I am imagining some unintelligient jokes you might make about this email right now you are so predictable!)

Jason McCann
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 01:19:13 -0800

"...your logic isnt adult."

by the way your logic isnt "adult."

there is logic/the power to reason and examine evidence which you have
And there is wisdom and maturity that comes from awesome insight into the time you spend alive on this earth... which is what we mean when we call someones thinking "adult"..... this you seem to lack....your version of the world is blase (sorry no `), simplistic, and bankrupt to me. Your idea of the human existence bores me. And if it bores a simple being like me then theres got to be something out there more complex. There just has to be.

It wouldnt make any sense if there weren't. Confront these issues man! stop gawking at them from a childish standpoint. Quit it with your stupid sarcastic bullshit that you layer into each one of your emails. Talk like a fucking grown up and explain to me WITH RESPECT FOR ME what the hell you are talking about!

Part of wisdom will always be knowing the answers are not always easy....quite contrary to your "want evrything right now 'wah!' if i dont get it" approach

Seems pretty obvious to me, so i believe in it. Oh wait thats your philosophy!

Jason McCann
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 02:56:31 -0800

Jesus Christ, who's whining now?

You need to just settle down and stand by the things you've said. You shouldn't give a shit about what I think! I bore you, remember? My version of the world is bankrupt, I'm juvenile and not intelligent in your eyes.

Yeah, you're really onto my sorry ass Jason. You've been running rings around me since your first letter.

My viewpoint is that ignorance is believing in pixies, fortune tellers, angels and flying unicorns. You're not going to change my opinion without hard evidence, and I've made no secret of my views whatsoever.

I have not been manipulative. I was being sarcastic. You know, like "Uh duh". My jokes to you have not been crude, they have actually been quite clever in my opinion. Crude is the little cry baby bellyachin' you have now sunk to. It includes name calling, cursing, threats, and shameful displays of behaviors you originally accused me of. I am embarrassed for you.

I don't like people like you. It has nothing to do with your views, it's your personality. You're under the impression that these "other worldly" beliefs somehow give you depth. Meanwhile you've completely neglected the basics, like laughing at yourself, pride in what you say, and I'm even going to put your ability to be a man up to question.

You've seen my site, read what others have written me, and you're so shocked that I'm posting these emails too? I think that this shows your level of ignorance best. Did you think that I was looking for friend?

You'd better get over what ever it is you've got for me. It's only going to lead you to further heartache.

"...you should debate with respect for the pereson..."

this is a response? Yeah you really are starting bore me now. Clever? THose jokes were clever? No actually they are your little ways of avoiding questions. You are pissed off about the world so you sit and gawk at everything that's wrong instead of coming up with real solutions. You use comedy to defend your ideas, which is exactly why your ideas even "feel" like a load of shit when I read them. See, when i read someones ideas and they seem to be complaining all the time and coming from this "gimme gimme" standpoint, I sure as hell aren't going to think they are right. I'm going to think of them as a MANCHILD.

Look, if you really want to convince people...I mean you do want to right? Or are you doing this for attention??....then you should debate with respect for the pereson you are talking to. Talk to them them like even if they are wrong you know where they're coming from.....thats how you trick them, Bob. People dont follow people with problems, they follow people with solutions.

Okay, so theres no God. Just shut up aobut that. Tell me about your philosophy. I dont want to here one word about god. I want you to tell what you do believe, not what you DONT believe.

Heres a bob tactic: I am purposely ignoring your ignorant comment about me whining. I wasnt whining...I was being assertive and trying to snap you out of your ignorance...I was offering a whole idea to you. You just sit and bitch flaws in other peoples ideas. Thats what I mean when i say you are whining. And since when do you think you can know a persons personality via email? You think if we met on the street I'd talk like this? You asked for details of my debate but you in turn mock me for putting energy into the ideas that you asked about and blow it off as some sort of character flaw.

And I love how you say that "I made up" my philosophy. First off I never said it was the absolute truth, I just said that its what I believe is out there from Ive seen. I never mentioned unicorns:) Although they could be out there hehehe. I didnt make it up. Nothing I believe in ws made up by me.

Jason McCann

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