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Fans respond to
Jason McCann

Evan on Jason:
Dear Bob,
I've been a regular reader and enjoyer of your website for almost two years now, and while I'm sure you read on a daily basis far more misspelled Holier Than Thou emails sent to you spouting from the keyboards of middle America than I, I already feel like I've read enough volumes of closed mindedness and utter ignorance (fans and haters alike) on your site to put me out of my misery. Therefore, it's my time now to put in my two cents concerning Jason McCann, and what you should do with him; I'll offer three of my reasons and a solution.

First of all, the kid is overexposed. I was glad when the 4,000 pages of the Jason McCann files were "closed," and uttered a deep, gutteral groan when I read his latest installation. The first reason he should be put out to pasture is for the simple reason that he has gotten too much attention already!

Secondly, he's annoying. His "I'm the foil to your non-believer ways, but I love you still" stylings make me a little nauseated, which is something I don't like being. I find his way of communicating to be really similar to most Christian rhetoric, although I can't remember if he's Christian or not.

Third, he seems almost halfway intelligent, but has decided to apply said intelligence not to answering his questions about the bigger picture, but rather consistently pestering the creator of a website, and subsequently its readers.

So what should you do about him? Like I said before, put him out to pasture. Make it known to him that he has one more email to send to your site that you will post, and make sure that it's quality, thought out material that you will respond to one final time. It'll be like a final round for him, even though the sole purpose of this whole thing is to make him look stupid (which he should also be told). It may not be the only solution, but I thought it up and dammit I like it.



I have Kate to thank entirely for this next bit.

Hey bob. Had the pleasure of a conversation with Mr. McCann today... it's christmas eve... you'd think there'd be something better to talk about than religion. Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out of a transcript of the conversation.

Also, that last email I wrote you the other day was before I'd seen the last bit if Jason's emails... he didn't send me all of them and didn't send me your latest replay. Frankly I was embarrassed for him. What in the hell was the deal with all that??!! I knew he could be a pain in the ass, but that gave me a whole new perspective. Anyway, enjoy. I hope to talk to you soon!


Another myth that I'm sick of hearing (besides all the religious ones - actually that's not quite true - I kinda enjoy the religious myths because they make for good stories. I'm just sick of the people trying to convince me that they aren't myths) is that we only use X% of our brains. It used to be 10% and now, according to Jason, it's 3%. Bullshit, we use all of our brains - although some of us have let our left brains (logic, reason) atrophy somewhat. New research is continuously revealing what parts of our brains control which function.

I - and all my friends - love you!

Kimba Spencer

Hey Bob,

I was reading the hatemail from Jason McCann. That whole 3% of the brain thing is a bullshit fact that has been misquoted for years. Studies have shown that the average human only uses 10% of there brain at once. This doesn't mean that there are vast expanses of brain not being used. If that were the case, those regions of brain would more than likely atrophy and disintegrate. This merely means that certain regions have specialized functions and are only "turned on" when needed. I know this isn't your error or anything, but maybe it will sever as useful ammo for your future replies. I'm sure it will come up again. Keep up the good work.

Carl Johnson 3

I think you should keep responding. He has a world view that many people I know seem to ascribe to. They have a poor grasp of the difference between their imagination and their reason. What they describe is usually beautiful, and hence very appealing to humans.

Buried in there somewhere is some kind of "truth is beauty" argument. "It is so wonderful and beautiful that it must be the TRUTH of the universe". The "Truth is Beauty" group are a slippery bunch, since they can pick their axioms. They do not grow uncomfortable with paradox, contradiction, or when reason fails. In fact, they frequently cite these moments in a debate as proof of some higher concept at work.

I always get a red flag when a person says "According to science...." This phrase is never uttered by a person that actually knows any science it seems.

I'd like to know why he believes "These beings that surround us everyday are here watching over us and simply offering us strength along the way"

And I want to see what proof he has for "We only use about 3% of our brains". No current neurobiologist these days says such silly things.

Brian Van Straalen

Let him have it Bob, sounds like he's read a basic primer on physics though so watch out!

Darren Barratt

Conversation on 12-24-01

Jason (1:51:42 PM): I didnt mean that bit to be an insult to you

Kate (1:51:55 PM): which bit?

Jason (1:52:00 PM): its just why I was puttiong so much energy into it honestly
Jason (1:52:03 PM): that email
Jason (1:52:31 PM): hey have you read "the truth behind false teachings"?

Kate (1:52:46 PM): oh, I know you didn't mean it as an insult to me... I just couldn't believe all the emails you sent one right after another after another... I mean what was the deal with the email "hehehe"??
Kate (1:52:52 PM): no, don't think so

Jason (1:53:06 PM): i dont even remember the hehehe

Kate (1:53:09 PM): actually I'm jealous that you have your own page on there now

Jason (1:53:17 PM): sweetness!
Jason (1:53:34 PM): the people sitting on the fence could realize the pure harshness of bobs emails!

Kate (1:53:41 PM): http://www.normalbobsmith.com/hatemail56.html
Kate (1:53:47 PM): the Jason McCann Files

Jason (1:54:26 PM): lol

Kate (1:54:34 PM): oh yeah, bob's harsh... never said he wouldn't be... he goes for the throat, but never makes an invalid point... that's why I like his writing and his artwork

Jason (1:54:49 PM): he dodges every good point I bring up and amplifies every little details he can find a flaw with.... amazing
Jason (1:55:01 PM): yeah he's a dick
Jason (1:55:35 PM): thats the first thing that makes me shy away from his "beliefs" I dont want to be a dick lol
Jason (1:55:53 PM): I tend to believe the people who can win a debate without being insulting

Kate (1:56:06 PM): I just didn't want you thinking that I'm blindly admiring him... I've held those beliefs for a long time... and I just like watching bob make people squirm... I honestly didn't want you to be in the middle of this.

Jason (1:56:32 PM): see its weird
Jason (1:56:46 PM): i dont feel like I've lost
Jason (1:56:49 PM): anything
Jason (1:57:03 PM): I think I made about 10000 points that he ignored

Kate (1:57:26 PM): I didn't see that... I've read them a couple times on the page

Jason (1:57:55 PM): well he completely dodged the whole question of the human brain's potential

Kate (1:58:02 PM): I thought you were doing very well until the end, howeverŠ well, better than most anyway.

Jason (1:58:12 PM): yeah cuz hes a dixk and he pissed me off
Jason (1:58:18 PM): lol
Jason (1:58:37 PM): You'd better get over what ever it is you've got for me. It's only going to lead you to further heartache. ?

Kate (1:58:44 PM): you let him get under your skin... which is exactly what he shoots to do

Jason (1:58:45 PM): thats comedy
Jason (1:59:12 PM): yeah kate he's like apicture perfect representation of what we know as the "devil" he argues in that same manipulative way

Kate (1:59:15 PM): yes, that's what bob goes for thoughŠ the comedy... this is funny to him... and to most of his readers also

Jason (1:59:32 PM): its because he cant make his point with out doing it
Jason (1:59:48 PM): because his ideas really do not make any fucking sense to me

Kate (2:00:19 PM): but little faeries and unicorns and shit do?

Jason (2:00:35 PM): but I aint writing him emails anymore.. Im not even fucking religious! I just was enjoying the debate but his constaqnt immature bullshit made it boring and dull
Jason (2:00:53 PM): I NEVER SAID UNICORNS! lol
Jason (2:01:03 PM): but yeah actually

Kate (2:01:03 PM): who was being immature? You sent him an email that was nothing but "hehehehe"

Jason (2:01:22 PM): I think that was an accident kate I dont remember doing that
Jason (2:01:32 PM): oh wait
Jason (2:01:35 PM): kate
Jason (2:01:44 PM): tell bob to check that email

Kate (2:01:52 PM): I was actually impressed you were kinda keeping up for a while... not many do... but shit! That final display was downright embarrassing.

Jason (2:01:59 PM): I think I accidentally wrote the new mail in with the copies of the old ones
Jason (2:02:10 PM): I just realized that wasnt my final display

Kate (2:02:36 PM): No, unfortunately it wasnıt your final displayŠ you kept going. Read the web page.... did you look at it?

Jason (2:02:40 PM): he may need to scroll down...I mean Im still done with it though
Jason (2:02:48 PM): yeah kate Ive read it all before but theres one missing
Jason (2:03:29 PM): i was gonna say I dont remeber writing hehehehe

Kate (2:03:51 PM): alright, well I'm going to go be family like... it being Yule and all

Jason (2:04:01 PM): yeah same here

Kate (2:04:05 PM): I'll ask bob.
Kate (2:04:08 PM): Later

Jason (2:04:11 PM): we are not talk to talk about religion anymore
Jason (2:04:15 PM): :)

Kate (2:04:19 PM): uh huh

Jason (2:04:19 PM): or lack thereof
Jason (2:04:23 PM): seriously
Jason (2:04:27 PM): I cant win so I wont try
Jason (2:04:45 PM): :)

Kate (2:04:48 PM): niether can the christians... doesn't stop them from trying

Jason (2:05:13 PM): I dont say shit about my beliefs to people usually
Jason (2:05:23 PM): just you damn atheists damn you! lol

Kate (2:05:32 PM): At some point, you'll want another debate... and you'll come to me... maybe not religion, but come on, let's get some pro-life pro-choice debating going on!

Jason (2:05:41 PM): I'm pro choice

Kate (2:06:08 PM): why? suddenly feel there are too many faeries and unicorns in the world?

Jason (2:06:38 PM): Kate buy a book called good faeries/bad faeries

Kate (2:06:42 PM): hmmm... kinda mean to generalize and stereotype isn't it?

Jason (2:06:49 PM): by bryan froud
Jason (2:06:59 PM): kate I was kidding
Jason (2:07:02 PM): Yeah it is

Kate (2:07:20 PM): kidding about what?

Jason (2:07:47 PM): Im just saying that the idea of going against the human instinct about their being a supreme being requires and extreme shut down of instincts and an overemphasis on logic
Jason (2:07:55 PM): "the damn atheists"
Jason (2:08:38 PM): hey you should read "the case for christ"

Kate (2:08:38 PM): no, I didn't just mean that... you've been cursing athiests this whole time and categorizing. You called anyone that agrees with bob a "dick." I was offended.

Jason (2:08:41 PM): also

Kate (2:08:49 PM): send them to me for christmas

Jason (2:08:59 PM): I just got one of them for christmas
Jason (2:09:03 PM): well kinda
Jason (2:09:15 PM): it just became a christmas present.
Jason (2:09:24 PM): cause i talked to my moms friend about normal bob

Kate (2:09:25 PM): wow, both of them read a day before christmas? how do you know I should read them?

Jason (2:09:34 PM): LOL

Kate (2:10:10 PM): I've got to go ok?

Jason (2:10:17 PM): Ive read one of them the other one looks good and I'll bet you you should read it....its by an exatheist who came to faith or something
Jason (2:10:24 PM): examining evidence and shit
Jason (2:10:26 PM): okay
Jason (2:10:34 PM): but what are you sending me for christmas

Kate (2:10:40 PM): coal

Jason (2:10:42 PM): lol
Jason (2:10:46 PM): You bitch.:)

Kate (2:10:53 PM): yep
Kate (2:11:09 PM): happy holidays .

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