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Fans respond to
Jason McCann

Alan on Jason:
My two cents' worth is that you should keep responding to Mr. McCann's mail. For a little while now you've seemed to have fallen into a bit of a rut with the give-and-take of the hatemail routine. I'm guessing you're a bit bored with the endless wave of simpletons e-mailing the same messages over and over and over, asking questions that make obvious the fact that they haven't read much of the site. However, when a beacon of moronosity shines so brightly against the backdrop of infinite ignorance as Mr. McCann does, your pen moves into action with a renewed vigor. "Pixieland wizards", for example, belongs on your response highlight page (but only if the backstory is known).

Therefore, Bob, my humble opinion is that you should continue using Mr. McCann as your own personal William Jennings Bryan, for it seems that he has absolutely no qualms with making an ass of himself in a public forum. Everyone needs a source of inspriation from time to time, be it a muse or a witless foil. You seem to have snared a big one here, so I'd keep him in the boat.

By the way, I never meant to insinuate that you're becoming at all stale with that "rut" comment. Also, if there really is a God, isn't the endless parade of Goth chicks throwing themselves at your cyber feet proof enough that He doesn't hate you?

Alan Butler

My friend
April the agnostic

...and her Christmas time correspondence with me regarding Jason.

Normal Bob,

As a self-described devotee of logic, you've always surprised me a little with your adamant opposition to the idea that a Creator is at least a possibility. How can any human observe the magnitude of our universe and claim to have figured out how it's all come together? It is arrogant and narrow-minded to think of oneself as capable of even comprehending the complexity of our set of systems and history, especially that which hasn't been recorded.

Human logic -- that on which you claim to thrive -- was formed by and is based on fundamental laws. There are the obvious ones, like Earth's gravity and the speed of light being faster than the speed of sound. [It gets a little harder when considering life. Some people believe life has specific beginning and ending points (life and death), which implies a necessity for new life to be produced (by God?) to replace that which has died. Others believe life is infinite, that spirit just travels in circles from one host to another, which implies that Nature just plays with the same energy. What do you think?

Another "law," in my opinion, is a natural instinct to believe in origin. House comes from wood. Wood comes from tree. Tree comes from seed. Wait. Where's seed come from? That's the question I've asked myself over and over, and it's that question that has kept me from deeming myself an atheist.

Believing a universe can be created from nothing is highly illogical; initial nothingness or chaos as the incubator for our civilization just does not make sense, because endorsing such requires defying the logic our very world has given us. One cannot claim to have logic and accept something-from-nothing in the same breath. (I mean, if there were just particles floating through nothing, where did those particles come from? Nature tells us that they had to have had some origin.)

So, in conclusion, I guess I'm asking what you believe is the origin of our universe. And you aren't allowed to use a generic Big-Bang-answer (if you want to get into a debate on specifics of Big Bang theory, that's fine, but no "Big Bang. The End." please) or the old I-don't-know-I-just-know-it-wasn't-God answer.

By the way, as an aside to all of the Christians who hate you or are praying for you because of your beliefs, I have this to say: I think God, if he exists, has greater appreciation for people who are introspective and scrutinizing than people who unquestioningly follow the teachings they were drilled with as children. We were instilled with logic, humor, and reasoning skills, and if we aren't using them to question everything about our world, we're pretty pathetic. (And if you think Jesus is in Heaven weeping over the dress-up page, you've got to have the tighest a-hole in the world... you know he's kickin' it with Dean-o Martin and a PBR, dressing his online likeness in lingerie and laughing because Bob made him white instead of black.)


(Above portrait may or may not be an actual picture of the "April" who wrote the previous email.)

Nick from MA

Hi NBS, been a while since I have emailed, but I have been faithfully checking the site for the tidbits that you keep adding. During the dry spells, I was satisfied with smaller updates of those funny banners, makes me want to setup a site just to have them there...

Anyhow, this Jason McCann, fascinating sociological specimen that he is, has kept me riveted to my monitor... this guy, this APE, has been driving me up the wall. Were it not for your witty responses, I would have actually torn out hair. It was equally cheering to see two emails showing people who know that the "3% of your brain" is utter nonsense...

Thing is, it is just one bit of utter nonsense amongst a deluge. This guy has cited such classic tomes of pseudo science as "The Case For Christ"... reading this, is a bit like sticking your head in a blender and setting it to chop... Unbelievable nonsense, right up there with the fool who ended his email with the "... then I was a fish, then I was a monkey..." nonsense. Why can't people who are too uneducated, too stupid, and just too gullible to understand scientific thought LEAVE IT ALONE!!!??!!!??? I mean, they have no problem leaving all the deep theistic thinking to their damn priests or mullahs or imams or monks or reverends... why can't they adopt a similar stance with science?

Contrary to how that might sound, I am NOT making a case for people blindly following science as a religion... but if people HAVE to blindly follow something, better Darwin than the pope... If people are just going to listen to the predigested chum, which fools who think they can scan the index of a high school physics text, find they don't grasp the concept behind the big bang, and then proceed to regurgitate endless streams of nonsense; a slurry of misquotes, misunderstandings, outright foolishness, distorted religious and scientific precepts, and good old "down country" inbreeding, use to form these viral texts, then why can't they choose to leave the questions alone, or take some TIME to form a conclusion. These books, such as "The Case For Christ" are practically the vectors for the viral information which spreads throughout masses of vacuous morons, such as McCann.

It really PISSES ME OFF, when social gristle (I conclude this having read his chat with Kate) like McCann hijack the work which is so carefully undertaken by the worlds scientific community to educate, and eradicate the sort of viral notions that would otherwise perpetuate themselves in the minds of (especially young) people. I say viral, because notions such as the "3% of your brain", "transitional fossil records don't exist, so evolution never occurred", ideas, and others which are pseudoscientific tripe or even blatant lies and propaganda, spread and replicate themselves in the "body" of groups of people who just don't know any better...

People argue that "I will hold my opinion and you can hold yours", but I argue that this goes far beyond opinions, and in fact, leads to a way of believing and thinking which can have incredibly dangerous consequences. People who believe these fabrications and distortions can be the same people who engage in and believe works which argue the case for such dangerous nonsense as "Holocaust Revisionism" (basically people who argue that either the Nazi Holocaust did not occur or the number of dead are far fewer than commonly accepted), which truly distorts important history, and could lead to future atrocities. They can be the people who wave the american flag and think that washes away our foreign policy. Those can be palestinians who think their were no jews in the WTC towers, and that this is all part of what they see as "a global zionist conspiracy." These people can be Israelis who think that Arabs who are angry and just want food, a job, and peace, are actually part of a global Islamic conspiracy... So many of these beliefs which are bolstered by nuggets of "information" found in highly biased magazines or televisions stations, or idiots spouting nonsense on a street corner (or handing out Jack Chick tracts... oh man, what a fruit loop!!! showed those babies to a pal of mine who is a fairly well regarded psychologist, and he actually choked on his coffee...) Information is powerful, and the intellectual "immune systems" we build to filter that information is critical. People like McCann who, for any number of reasons, (poor education, low intelligence, an overwhelming desire to believe something, high exposure to this kind of crap from an early age, local society, etc.) do not have a very useful filter set up for complex information, and believe the most ridiculous crap, crap seems to others to be almost a joke (see fairies, unicorns, the resurrection, a red scaly cloven hoofed beast who lives beside a lake of fire and is the source of all evil...), end up spreading those ideas to younger generations, who see an older person citing authority... people who are too young, or as yet uneducated to realize the potential fallacy in an appeal to authority. It can be as harmless as belief in fairies, or as dangerous as holocaust revisionism.

My conclusion is simple; if people decide to argue from a religious framework, they expect to be able to grasp the underlying concepts, and if not, are not respected or heeded. Likewise, when someone claims to be arguing from a scientific framework, they MUST understand what the hell they are talking about! It is certainly true that physics at the level which is found in the theories pertaining to the Big Bang, are incredibly complex, and everyone cannot grasp them. This means that it simply is not a subject for EVERYONE! If you can't grasp the science behind that side of the argument, please don't assume that your ignorance or inability in any way reflects upon the veracity of the argument. Just because religion does not require leaps of understanding or intellect, but rather, leaps of faith (which we are hardwired for), don't assume the easy way is the right way. Just because it feels good to believe something, doesn't make it right. And damn it, just because it sounds like science, is delivered by someone you like and respect, and makes sense at first, it cannot bloody hurt to check around and see if it holds up to scrutiny! If someone claims to have the "simple answer" to a demonstrably complex problem, maybe you should think twice before accepting it! Think for yourself does not mean think BY yourself, in an intellectual vacuum. Part of what is so wonderful about this site, is that you, Bob, and a lot of the people who right (fan)mail THINK and explore, and learn, are not afraid of reaching out for an answer that is not pre chewed by assholes like Depak Chopra and Oprah... and the ones who don't run into the "Wall O' Bob" (also the wood chipper o bob, the abattoirs of bob, etc.) ... It is just said to see a feeble mind like McCann strike that wall SO many times, SO hard... like watching a sparrow beat it's brains out against a window....

Thanks Bob, for the laughs and rest, Nick

"... using my friends..."

Well since you are using my friends to get private chats that I participated in I am writing you this one last email. I dont want to make a big deal of this anymore. I'm over it.

You will always be the guy complaining about whats wrong with things....the flaws. And you use flaws to support your entire argument. You talk about proof. You keep saying that God doesnt exist because no one can prove it.

Well with out mentioning organized religion one single time I want to see you proove that their ISN'T a God. Its just as hard. Its been an exercise in philosophy classes for years......just to show how you can argue any point. You cant win the debate either way.

In a nutshell: Shut up about the flaws in relgion.....WE KNOW. Come up with your own ideas instead of just bitching aobut the flaws in other peoples ideas.

Read "the case for Christ" and "the truth behind false teachings"..... Everyone reading this! read those books! then maybe you will have an actual argument at least.

Jason McCann

Dont worry I wont write any more emails folks! You'll miss the excitement....but you'll handle it.

All right Jason,

A dear friend of mine (See side panel) was able to translate your mish mosh of mondo babble into a decipherable inquiry. You see, I was under the impression that you were sending me the details of your views so that I could shoot them down and dance atop their flaccid corpses. But according to my friend, this is not what you had in mind at all. Then, by the time you got around to asking about my philosophy, well I would've looked the bigger fool for accommodating you. So April, this is for you.

Let's start right at the beginning where only theory exists, nothing else. Unimaginable nothingness... but something had to happen because we're here now. Life defies logic. Our life, cell life, God's life, His parent's lives and their parents too! With all life defying logic theories could be debated to no end. This does not interest me because I do have an end. So it is most important at this stage to make sense. Hope, fairness, fantasy and feelings must be thrown to the wayside. God, supreme being, creator, what-have-you, falls into the "hope for fairness fantasy feeling" us humans are such suckers for.

Sense tells me something completely different. In the same manner that our universe had to have come from nothingness, I believe that the smallest life/energy/hated void/warm glow did as well. The possibility of the smallest element of energy growing and reproducing (as life does) is far more probable than the idea of a massive being to be worshipped, ignored, believed or betrayed is. Any one of those is total senselessness.

Life clearly follows a set of rules. These rules are a mandatory part of drawing the most probable conclusion. Defying those rules of reality sends you down the stinky path of lies, deceit and evil (Jason's theories). Following the rules of reality (dividing cells, evolving life, birth without love, and expanding energy) gives us answers where there were none before. And do you know what my favorite part of my theory is? It does NOT serve human emotion one single bit. This is what Jason steps in every time.

"Okay you got me there."

LOL. Okay you got me there. That was damn funny and I laughed my ass off. (maybe its the caffeine from this coffee....who knows) Mish mosh of mondo babble....hehehe I am forced to agree. i was babbling. I got off the point.

I'll try to be a little more objective from here out. You bring up some interesting points...Lemme get back to you

Jason McCann
I enjoyed this email the most so far....gave me some stuff to think about.

"I figured I'd send my picture."

I figured I'd send my picture. I dont see any pictures of the "hatemail" people...but what the hell...I'll break precedent. Post it if you want to.

Jason McCann

I want to.
It is up.
We are done.

"When all else fails, censor!"

hmmmmm...we are done....I dont see that last email of mine up on the page...and I sure as hell dont see all those interesting webpages I recommended.... hmmmm.... how convenient. When all else fails, censor!

Jason McCann

You could go on forever.
I don't post people who just want me to link web sites, and debating with you is pointless.
We are done.

"...the links would really make a good point and we cant have that can we?"

hahaha I see how it is now. You couldve posted the email without the links.....but besides...the links would really make a good point and we cant have that can we? Gotta keep the fans in line you know.

Thank you for proving to me that you are a moron:) I guess I made a few too many good points hehehe:)

Jason McCann

Ps. And you were just starting to become interesting!

Make your own site.
Now that I'd link!

"If you want to be truthful post that email and then respond to it and say 'We are done."

You just wont argue if you cant win. If someone cuts through your bullshit you have to shut them up. Thats why you get to make so many "good" points and thats why you use humor/sarcasm to make up for wit.....You never let anyone argue with you if they say something you cant respond to....You write a witty sarcastic reply and move on.....You win the stupid little quibbles but you cannot win a long sustained argument as you have proven to me. Keep on responding to the Religious maniacs damning you to hell....Thats so challenging!

As far as my own site....I could do it...but what the hell would be the point? Granted if you linked me it'd be fun....I dunno I'll think about it. I'm not really keen on being portrayed as a religious nut though....hmmmm. Seriously...I will let you know.

If you wanted to end this you couldve done it with out manipulating your "fans'. If you want to be truthful post that email and then respond to it and say "We are done." At least acknoledge to your fans that you dont want to listen anymore and that you you are shutting me up. The way you post it on the page is utter manipulation.....People will believe that I just stopped writing. Get rid of the links if they scare you that much....but please look at them yourself.

"WE ARE DONE" hehehe

Love Jason McCann

Hey, I'll post your email address? Then everyone who contacts you, you can expose me as a fraud to them.
How's that?

"...great idea"

Sounds like a great idea.

Jason McCann

Here is the email of "interesting webpages" he was referring to.

"Yes I am a musician and I am quite aware of major and minor keys (not to mention the tons others keys there are.)"

Sorry I just had to correct an error I made. Humans use 5-10% of their human brain POTENTIAL. (this is why some people are geniuses...this why even though computers aren't as powerful as the brain is said to be we still need calculators and internet explorer. This is why people get more intellegient because of education....I'd mention those people who are psychic and mediums and gifted in other such ways, but every single one of them is a liar right? So i wont go there.) I did not mean to imply that their were parts of the brain dying away inside. My only point is who knows what we'll be able to do tommorow. I mean 8th grade algebra used to be a college course back in the day. Heres a few links for ya Bobbio. (more at bottom)

And the music thing. Yes I am a musician and I am quite aware of major and minor keys (not to mention the tons others keys there are.) That still doesnt explain to me how universal music is. I dont see how the major and minor chords explain why you can write a melody with no words and have someone 1000 years later listen to it and cry. Or why people can watch an opera and not understand a word and be totally moved. (granted some of it can be seen from the context of the story....but then people buy the cd/download the mp3 and listen to the music by itself)

By the way, I at least respect those people who had the knowledge to combat my statements. (though they dont seem to respect me very much....) It was much more rewarding to read than watching you ignore 2-4 good points per email.

If you actually answered my questions you might actually be interesting to talk to. Are you going to respond to the points I bring up in this email, or are you gonna post this on your webpage and wait for your fans to come up with answers for you?

Love Ya,
Jason McCann

P.S. Your emails look a lot more full of hate than mine do...I said in the very first email that I dont hate you....yet I am writing the hatemail....hmmmm.
heres another good webpage (scroll to the section on human needs)
CORRECTION the name of that book is "Fast Facts On False Teachings"

and to see the sample section on atheism use this link. Now I dont believe everything this guy says but he brings up some good points and he will make you think. I'm still reading the book, but he goes into every religion and tells about the bullshit embedded in all religions....and the truth. Dont just judge the book from the atheism section...you have to read the other parts too...The chapter on Mormons is great....that is one religion that is just WAY too fucked up. Its great for a laugh, though.

and the other book I am reading: The case for christ: That one is a little more fact by fact analysis style.

Well thanks for your time folks:) Bob if you ever want to debate like an adult with out the constant insults and sarcasm I'm still willing. Why is that such a hard thing for you to do? Is it because you couldnt win an argument with out it?

By the way feel free to post my email address....I want some hatemail of my own damn it! :)

Finally, here are some fans who, like me, have had enough of Jason.

Bob, Seriously, don't respond to Jason anymore. He's using the immensely annoying technique of repeatedly responding with "you didn't explain it like I wanted you to!" He continually comes back at you with baseless arguments that he himself doesn't even know how to explain.

If you respond to him, then all you'll get back is more of, "you're not funny! You have no argument! Pixies and faeries are able to prove themselves*!" *but no real explanation as to how this happens...

Just to let you know, I am an atheist, I think you're great/funny/witty, and I think Jason is trying to draw out the argument incredibly long so that eventually you get tired of it and he can go to sleep at night telling himself, "he gave up 'cause he knows I'm right!"

Just my opinion, but that little bitch gives me a headache. ~Another person who dislikes Jason McCann


hey Bob? it's me, Samantha. don't keep email that McCann guy. he's not cool. your servant, etc.

Samantha Ploetz

My opinion is that he is leaching some sense of self worth from your consideration of his emails. That, out of loneliness, all of the suicide hotlines know his voice by now and just hang up, the homeless folks move from the bench when he tries to start a conversation, and he has at last found a place where someone acknowledges his existence and hasn't yet shot themselves in exasperation. Peel him off and let him wiggle on the sidewalk till he dries up.

Matt Taylor

Is it over?
I think that it probably is.
I've got other fish to fry.

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