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Now available: Prophet Mohammed magnet kits & picture postcards skillfully designed specificallly for your play-time-fun enjoyment! Incredibly safe and secure with Paypal. Priority shipping, domestic & International!
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The infamous Jesus Dressup fridge magnet collection. Collect all 6 for just $66 and impress all your friends and enemies with the greatest magnetic dressup game ever invented!
The Great Prophet Mohammed is ready to be looked at again! High quality picture postcards & magnet kits now available, ONLY from the Normal Bob Smith Store!
This durable, handmade GOD IS FAKE rubber stamp is finely sculpted to nulify the word "GOD" on all your cash! The stamp stands one inch tall and works on all American tender, bibles, hymnals and anywhere the word God appears to your disliking.
Union Square Matchgame

As seen in the NY Times. It's one of a kind!
shirts New, original Normal Bob design religious symbol logo expresses inclusion for all under one simple title. Available for laughs on tees and bumper stickers.
pinsets Limited Edition Normal Bob Smith pinsets produced by Cold Cocked Cards. Flashy, colorful buttons to decorate your hat, jacket, plaid shirt or knee high stockings!
Neil Abramson's hilarious documentary Bob Smith, USA starring Normal Bob Smith following the lives of Normal Bob and six other Bob Smith's across these United States.
"More fascinating than you could ever imagine."
-Doug Brunell,


Prophet Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets!

Finally, Prophet Mohammed is ready to be seen again! Choose from any of these trendy men's fashions selected from Target & the GAP, along with some of his favorite accessories, including an iPhone, a Q'uran, or his lucky green trucker's cap! Display Mohammed proudly on your refrigerator door for friends and loved ones to admire and cherish.

No where else will you find this amazing item for sale. NO WHERE AT ALL. So here & now is your only opportunity to accept the beautiful Prophet into your home.

• 11" X 8" high quality print Mohammed Dressup magnet kit.

Prophet Mohammed postcards!

What better way to keep in touch with someone far far away than with a Mohammed postcard? These colorful, high-quality postcards of everybody's favorite Prophet can now be yours! Use them to connect with old friends, or penpal someone on the other side of the world!

No envelopes, no return addresses, for mailing through the US Postal Service, just 33¢ postage!
All eyes will be on Mohammed this year!

• Each card is 8.5" X 5.5".
• Available in packets of 20, 50 & 100.

Or combine & save...

Magnet set + 30 Postcards

Orders of two or more sets are sent out 2 Day Priority (Flat Rate) mail, all other orders are sent out First Class. International orders are sent out Priority Air Mail. There is no quantity limit to how many sets you can order. For additional shipping information please feel free to contact me directly.





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