that can't be missed.

10 Baby Geniuses
9 Johnny Be Good
8 Skyscraper
7 Malone
6 Dark Backward
5 Showgirls
4 Suburbia
3 Road House
2 Welcome Home Jellybean
1 Dream a Little Dream 2

Before we begin I would like to familiarize you with
This is a grading scale that I have implemented for the movies reviewed on this site.
There are many elements that make up a "watchable" bad movie. Below you will see that I have developed a scale on which the "points of pity" a viewer experiences during a "quality" stinker can be identified. Each movie will be judged on this scale, assigning the appropriate face(s) as I see fit and the perfect movie receiving all 5 Faces of Pity.

Pretentious Piece of Shit
A big star's
"please love me", masturbatory car wreck, money pit.
Touchy Subject Dragged Through the Mud
Wife beating, retards, baby fucking, whatever.
Washed Up Actor needs Money
An ugly display of prostituting one's last remaining sliver of dignity to pay for a cheesy, gluttonous lifestyle.
Broken Hollywood Thermostat Up your Butt
You liked it when it was _____ so you'll like anything we shovel onto your plate because you're an idiot.
Funny... but not "Ha ha" funny
Unfunny people thinking that they're funny, trying to be funny and not being the right kind of "funny".
Movie suggestions?
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Powder What Women Want
Untamed Heart Once Bitten
Left Behind Toy Soldiers
Meatballs 4 The Passion of The Christ
Jailbait Jesus Camp