that can't be missed.

An interesting fact, the picture on this box cover never happens in the movie. That girl isn't in the movie and check out the way their heads are pasted onto their bodies.

During this movie, it's easy to miss, but Corey Feldman gives away little tidbits about himself that reveal so much!
One of the things he tries to slip by us is the term "Femme-Nazi", the catch phrase of Rush Limbaugh! The little dickens is a hard core republican and Michael Jackson wanna-be!
What a character!


If you haven't seen the "E True Hollywood Story" on Corey Feldman, put it on your "must see" list. It deals with his wavering career, his drug and drinking binges and you get to see an assortment of his Michael Jackson jackets.

The end of the episode shows Corey with his new girlfriend. He begins rattling off his various "impersonations" including Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson and each one of the Beatles. His girlfriend is next to him laughing hysterically, egging him on with his dated references.

Starring: Corey Feldman, Corey Haim
Produced by
Corey Feldman, Songs written and performed by Corey Feldman

There are many elements to this movie that made it eligible for the #1 spot. However the main reason is Corey Feldman. His attempt to produce the perfect platform to showcase his many talents is inspiring to say the least. I only hope that my review does justice to this once in a lifetime
movie watching experience.
I will be referring to him by name (not his character's name, Bobby) because this is Corey Feldman squared and squared again. Corey Haim, however, has lost his "Corey" status in this movie so I will be referring to him as "Dinger" with an emphasis on the "G".

Let me begin by telling you that Corey Feldman's name appears first in the credits (even before the movie title), while his best friend (the guy playing Dinger) doesn't even appear until long after the title and supporting actors have been listed... TAKE THAT PRETTY BOY!

Our story begins in the LA home of Corey Feldman, Dinger and Dinger's sister Rachel, played by Corey's real life girlfriend, Robyn Lively (No one important). Early one morning a mysterious package arrives in the mail. It's 2 pair of the coolest sunglasses you've ever seen! Electric blue airbrush tinting, very reminiscent of Michael Jackson early nineties... not a coincidence as you'll soon discover.

Dinger and Corey put them on and soon discover that they're no ordinary pair of sunglasses. Not only do they induce "trippy" colors but they also seem to communicate feelings between the "wearers"(Corey's idea, guaranteed). This allows one wearer to control the feelings of the other wearer. The brainstorming didn't stop there. The "wearers", even after removing the glasses, will have dreams that predict the future. Wow, talk about the coolest sunglasses ever! Wouldn't it be cool if they were real?!

The "sunglasses" angle on this movie is no accident. It's Corey's opportunity to wear sunglasses throughout an entire film and show everyone just how cool he looks in them. Genius. Pure genius.

With the sunglasses comes a letter as well. Dinger, being the quirky, cute, lovable sidekick to Corey that he is, accidentally spills cola on the letter. This sets up Corey for the classic reading- of- a- smudged- letter routine.

Corey reading letter: "Dear Bobby and Dinger, Advava ava favan fla navan va va fa va, be careful, love Coleman." Yeah Corey, it was funny back when I saw it in "The Jerk". But he is just trying to showcase his talents so let us move on.

Speaking of showcasing talent, at one point Dinger and his sister are prodding Corey to put the glasses on again. No real reason, just 'cause. I started asking myself "What are they up to?".
Corey plays "hard to get" but after much begging, Corey "gives" saying, "Don't make me do anything stupid."
Ah oh, what's he gonna showcase now?
A drum beat starts... wait, where'd all the furniture go? What's with the music? WHY IS COREY FELDMAN DRESSED LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON?!? Then it happens! HOORAY! Corey does this killer Michael Jackson number. He did it in Dream a Little Dream 1 but that was 6 years ago! I can't believe that he's doin' it again! And Boy, he's got every move down! it's not to a Michael Jackson song either! No! It's to his own song "Feelin' Funky" written and performed by Corey Feldman!
It has nothing to do with the plot and it's completely tacked on but it's a minute and a half of pure ecstasy!

It's only 15 minutes into the movie, can you believe it!

Prepare yourself, more than half of this movie is shot in this tacky suburban home. I'm sure that it's due to the film's pitifully small budget. I also suspect that the house is Corey's. There is no reason why they're all living there. How could they possibly afford this mansion. Dinger works at Condomania (a condom store)... cool. While Corey works in a sunglasses store... and it doesn't get any cooler than that.
But I love it. Watching the Corey's act out their definition of "cool" and doing whatever they want (no real script) is my "little dream" come true.

Of course it's a beautiful woman that enters this complicated plot line. This is where you realize how short Corey is. The model playing the beautiful villain is easily 5' 10". Corey Feldman, on the other hand is short. Very short. I'm guessing 4 and a half feet or so. He's trying to play an adult next to this model and, well, it's a damn shame. Listen to this.
He's walking up to the front door of his home. Why? Because that's where this whole film takes place. And she surprises him...

"You Bobby Hiller?"
After looking her up and down his shock turns to a cool smirk.
"Ahem, yes, yes, as a matter of fact I am."
There's the slightest breath of contrived cuteness dropped into the word "matter". When you hear it you'll begin to see the premeditated, self indulgent method to Corey's acting. He tops it off with a "Don Knotts-esque" sniffle and nose wipe.
"I'm Lina Draggo."
She walks to him with her hand extended. This is where Corey's stubbiness is revealed.

"Hi, how are ya', nice to meet ya."
More adorable stuttering Corey style.

"You're different from what I expected."
Yeah, he's a fucking dwarf!

"I'm different...ah, eh, how do I know you? I've never seen you...wha..."
At this point the stuttering has moved from cute to totally plagiarizing Woody Allen.

"When Coleman spoke of you he made it sound as if you were just a boy."
Oh yeah, we're buyin' that Corey is a man now... right.

Corey's delivery of this mediocre dialog is mesmerizing. He's under the assumption that hand gesturing during his delivery is an acting style and a character trait. They are constantly waving about with every three dollar word and the hands remain in one of two alternating positions.
1) Flat palm fingers together (like a karate chop).
2) Pointing like a pantomime gun (thumb out, index finger extended).
It's very deliberate and falls squarely into his definition of "cool". His thought process is a labyrinth of what is cool. It's absolutely riveting!

So after much discussion she gets the whereabouts of the magic sunglasses, lures him with the suggestion of kinky sex, handcuffs and blindfolds him to his bed and splits. We are left with the disturbing giggles of Corey anticipating the encounter. He squirms about the bed saying lines like, "Ready when you are hon-ey..." and "I'm so glad you shut the door, I like privacy." and "I think privacy is very important when two people are sharing such an intimate moment such as this." It's an image you won't soon forget.

It doesn't take long before someone comes home sets Corey free. The bad guys have the glasses and part 2 of this movie takes place in the hotel where Lina Draggo (isn't that a cool name?) is hiding out.

There are several points in this movie when Corey has to make himself dream so that he can see into the future. He's a very powerful character and I'm sure it follows his list of demands to do this movie. More dreams mean more portfolio for Corey Feldman, movie star. In this particular set of dreams he shows us his "Southern Tele-Evangalist Gospel Preacher" character. To him this is a notable impersonation.

While all of this is going on, Dinger has been thrown in jail, another victim of Lina's seductive trap. From his cell, Dinger and an inmate use telepathy to help Corey predict the future and retrieve the sunglasses and catch the bad guys.

Eventually Corey, Rachel, Lina and a miscellaneous bad guy are on the roof of the hotel with the glasses. The bad guy puts on one pair and at gunpoint, makes Corey put on the other pair. He's attempting to make Corey shoot everyone using the mind control of the magic glasses. Corey fights the power of the sunglasses (a sampling of Corey's dramatic acting style) and shoots the bad guy in the knee (PG-13).

Back at the house the roommates reunite and Corey decides that it'd be best to destroy the glasses. Dinger and Rachel agree with this decision so that they can be in another one of his movies.

This film is topped off with the credits rolling to another Corey Feldman original. It's a rock-n-roll number "Perfect Woman (No Such Thing As)" and it shows us once and for all that Corey Feldman is going to someday be a talent to be reckoned with... you just wait and see!

WORST MOVIE#10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

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