that can't be missed.

Here is some of the more memorable dialog that these actors were so impressed with:

Strip Club owner: "If you wanna last longer than a week, you'll give me a blow job. First you get used to the money, then I make you swallow.

Nomi: "Where are the chips?, you ate them didn't you?! Yes you did! Yes you did! You did! You did!"
We are never told who, exactly, ate the chips.

Girl: "I used to love Doggy Chow!"
Nomi: "I used to love Doggy Chow too!"
Do a lot of girls actually eat Doggy Chow?

And you have to see Nomi admire her newly painted fingernails. I started count from the second the brush lifted and she ogled her fingers for 15 seconds giggling "Neat!"


Starring: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan Director: Paul Verhoeven

Elizabeth Berkley (Saved by the Bell) is Nomi Malone, a mysterious, sassy, emotional basket case with a dream.
Thumb out, hips a-swayin' and a tad too much bounce in her step, Nomi hitches her way to the city she will one day rule.... Las Vegas!
She's picked up by the hunkiest southern, rock-a-Billy, and within the first minute she's smashed his radio (She hates Garth Brooks!), pulled out her switchblade to his advances and throws sass at him by the heap loads.

Prepare yourself, Elizabeth Berkley has only two kinds of acting modes:
1) Sassy, over the top, elated, giggle-fest
2) Emotionally foiled, outcast, crybaby
She is a director's dream!

Unfortunately, Nomi is a total sucker. She is robbed of everything that she owns by the guy who picked her up. This upsets her. And when Nomi gets upset she always beats on the nearest parked car. Boy, can this girl throw a tantrum! The owner of the victimized automobile attempts to stop her. Big mistake. Nomi starts swingin' everywhere! All fists and elbows (much like her dancing as you'll soon discover). Then she vomits and runs into traffic (much like someone who has seen her dance).

If you haven't figured it out already, her dream is to become a showgirl. You will see and understand the obsession through her eyes. You will be sucked in by the irresistible, larger than life Vegas acts. They're comparable to the grandest of David Copperfield's live show finely tuned with a solid gold dance number... and tits, tits, tits!
You'll get chills watching Nomi study they're performances. She mimics the dance moves perfectly, and the determination in her eyes will force you into one realization... Hey, this girls got it!

It was very clear to me that Elizabeth hardly needed to act for this part. This was happening to her now! Her big movie role was her "showgirl" dream! Do you follow me? Read on...

Nomi is forced to start at the bottom... stripping. Despite her oddly shaped figure, spastic dance style and "marching band" grace, she's the most popular girl in the club. You're going to adore the $500 private dance that she does for Kyle MacLachlan. It's a horny-dog-leg-humping gone completely rabid. And it is here that we're introduced to her patented "Fish-out-of-water, torso flop". It has to be seen to be fully understood... more later.

It doesn't take long before she's discovered and given her first audition. But it's not the glamorous, showbiz audition that she had expected.
"OK, girls, show me your tits!" They're heads drop, humiliated.
"I gotta topless show here for Christ's sake, lemme see some tits!"
Can this be right? Nomi's here to audition for the showgirl slot, not some sleazy strip...
Then he approaches her.
"Got somethin' wrong with your nipples?" he barks "Play with 'em, stick 'em up"
The haunting music murmurs as a bowl of ice is brought into the picture.
"Here, put ice on 'em".... but Nomi doesn't take shit from no one! She smacks the bowl in the air and runs like a coward. Of course, the auditioner loves her attitude and gives her the spot. Wow, what an unexpected turn of events.

One of my most favorite parts is Nomi and her quest to buy a dress. It's a black mini dress, lined with stunning gold hockey pucks. She decides to try it on.
Salesgirl: "It looks quite good on you."
Nomi: "It doesn't suck" She delivers her catch phrase and follows it with a sassy, 2-step tap dance... yes, a tap dance (I rewatched it several times to make sure).
The next scene is her skipping from the shop with garment bag in hand.
"I can't believe I bought the dress!"
At this point I arose from my seat, raised my hands above my head and boldly declared "I can not believe she bought the dress!"
You'll do the same. I guarantee it.

But the greatest scene is still to come. It's the outrageous pool-fuck between Kyle MacLachlan and Elizabeth (Definitely the reason Kyle took the part). It's an encore of her signature "Fish out of water, torso flop" and Kyle's expression is that of a witness to a school bus plummeting into a quarry.

This movie concludes with Nomi conquering Vegas and leaving it for a more decent life. Her ultimate glory is satisfied as she's picked up again by the same guy who stole her stuff at the beginning. Flicking her switchblade, we see the truck swerve past a billboard that reads "Nomi Malone is GODDESS".

At the conclusion of this film you will surely agree.

WORST MOVIE#10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1