that can't be missed.

The box cover described this movie as "an outrageous, coming-of-age comedy"
Anthony Michael Hall
comes of age.
I love it!

I was amazed how many lines were dubbed into this movie. It was as if the producers knew that nothing funny was happening so they added in their stock of "never fail" punch lines. Much of the post-speak was dropped in to explain jokes that were happening but happening poorly.

Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr, Uma Thurman / Director: Bud Smith
Special appearances by Jim McMahon and Howard Cosell (How'd they get these two heavyweights?!)

Before I begin the review of this movie I'd like to make it clear that I will be referring to the lead character (Johnny Walker) as Anthony Michael Hall. I am doing this because I believe this to be, not the story of Johnny Walker, but a true glimpse into the psyche of Anthony Michael Hall. Let's begin...

Anthony Michael Hall is the star Quarterback for his high school football team. He loves his "Mama", wishes to support his family, and likes to play drums while watching pro-football on TV. It is clear early on that everyone wants a piece of Anthony, coaches, cheerleaders and hordes of plaid-clad football scouts. It doesn't take long before he is taken in by the many temptations that ruin so many of the Greats today (1988).
Temptations like strip clubs!

You see, back in the 80's it was nearly impossible to see naked girls. Video rental was not widespread, few could afford a VCR, and the internet was years away. So it took just the smallest amount of cleavage or cheek to send men into an uncontrollable fit of lust hysteria. "Strip club" scenes were a staple of any R rated comedy and a guaranteed ticket seller.

This was one of those strip clubs where none of the girls undressed any less than pasties and G-strings, yet the men are going absolutely berserk!

There is one priceless clip here of Anthony Michael Hall losing his mind. He's behaving as if his family is being chopped to bits by a circus clown.

Anthony incorporates absolute terror, indescribable bliss and

What's this about?

It's about this.
the most hopeless of sorrow into one 5 second clip, and all because a girl is in a G-string. It's a highlight of the film for me because he doesn't seem to be acting. This is most definitely how Anthony Michael Hall behaves in a strip club.

During one of Anthony's celebratory bashes he is confronted by the reality of his sport. An ex-pro football player is pumping gas for the convertible of wasted jocks. Anthony is clearly affected by this brief encounter. As the car drives off, Anthony is looking over his shoulder at the once famed halfback. Food for thought Anthony... food for thought.

When Anthony returns home, he has changed. This is the greatest part of the film for me. He's strutin' down his suburban street in his slick new duds. His silk shirt unbuttoned to his navel, black cowboy boots, shiny purple slacks and gold jewelry as far as the eye can see.
He's wavin' his hands in the air, jiggin' clappin' and-a-snappin'. Anthony Michael Hall now owns this two bit town!I know that Anthony dug this scene big time!

His girlfriend (Uma Thurman) does not like the new person that he has become. The most believable part in this movie is Uma calling Anthony Michael Hall an "asshole!". It was so real that I felt as if I were there.

Then suddenly the movie ends. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled, but it's quick and to the point. Anthony sees the error of his ways and decides to go to another college with less bad people.

The teaming up of Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Michael Hall is genius! When they put their heads together to pull the ultimate prank on their evil coach, the "funny" overflows in oceans. The prank begins with two dozen pizzas being delivered followed by Hare Krishnas, elephants, a male stripper and a roach exterminator in full space suit gear. They all arrive at the same time and snot blew out of my nose.

I have to admit that half the fun in this movie is watching Anthony Michael Hall acting "cool". I'm sure that he saw this role as a turning point from geek to jock...and it was. Unfortunately there is less demand for jocks in Hollywood than there is for circus geeks.

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